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Can't get CPU volt higher than 1.4V?

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Ok, when I set my voltage too 1.4, it is actually running at 1.36, if I set it anything higher than 1.4 (I went up too 1.55) the voltage goes up too 1.39/1.4 and won't go any higher than that.....can my PSU be the cause of this? Temps are fine at whatever I set it at (29C load) so I am really going for a bigger OC but can't get seem too get my voltage up.....


Couldn't attach and image with the gay 100 kb size limit.......

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Guest Deathspawner

That's strange for sure.


Did you change both the CPU VID Control and the CPU VID Startup Value? Try changing them both to whatever voltage you want and see if that makes a difference. Usually it will end up a little lower than you specify, so that's nothing to worry about.

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