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  1. Might I ask what slots you're placing the RAM in? If you're running 2 sticks, put them in orange.
  2. He was definitely referring to me as well--I was the "other guy" who "couldn't be bothered to read the rules." But whatever... enough has been "said" by saying nothing... if you get my drift.
  3. There is absolutely NO need to be a jerk about it. I misread the rules, plain and simple, and rather than going back and reading them (Why would I, I could have sworn I had read them correctly, and yes I understand now that my first screenshot didn't have a 3dmark01 score in it) I thought I'd ask for a quick simple PM. Instead I come on here to find that I'm the brunt of a bit of mockery from the admin no less. You acted as if I was too good for the rules, and tried to get away w/ it. I simply misread, thought I HAD NOT misread, and then was absolutely confused. There's no reason to be presumptuous, and no reason to be rude, especially when you are an employee representing DFI, IMO.
  4. Yeah, if you're pretty new to OC'ing, I'd read a lot first... if you don't know what you're doing, you could run into some serious issues... Read around, soak up some knowledge before you do anything to that $1,000 CPU.
  5. I'd see how far you can push it at stock voltage before bumping it up. For all you know you could get lucky like me. I can push 2.8+ at stock Vcore, Prime95 stable and all.
  6. If you're not planning on OC'ing as of yet, I'd leave everything at default assuming you are running stable. BTW, there is no BIOS version 6.00... on the Post screen, the bottom left hand corner will say a date on it. My guess, if you haven't already flashed, it'll say 3/10/2005. That is BIOS version 3/10. The newest release is 6/23-3.
  7. Are you getting any debug lights? I might be totally wrong, But I'd guess, if you have two sticks of RAM, they're in the yellow slots, and if you have one stick, it's not in DIMM 2. If you're running two sticks, put them in orange, and if one, put it in DIMM 2. Of course this may not be relevant if they're already in the right slots, but just a stab in the dark.
  8. If you only plan on bumping the FSB by 220, then the sticks I have are pretty good about doing that at stock timings... If you want more than that and want to be SURE it works, I'd recommend trying some PC4000 stuff (luckily, I have mine running at that 100% stable)
  9. I have OCZ PC3200 Platinum sticks. You can run them pretty consistently at about 220Mhz on stock timings. They run great on stock timings. I managed to get mine to run at 250mhz, at 2.5-3-3-7, which isn't bad at all. If you're not planning on OC'ing at all, these or the PC4000 sticks are great options. Also, There's some good sets by Geil, G.Skill, and many others. I'm not sure which thread it is, but there's a thread w/ all sorts of various recommended TESTED RAM setups that are known to work for sure.
  10. Did it work fine before flashing your BIOS? If so, why not just go back to whichever version you had? (I'm assuming 3/10)
  11. Well, mind if I first ask, are you limiting yourself to only 2x512? or is 2x1GB an option?
  12. Unless price is a limiting factor, why not grab a set of 2x1GB? If you're getting something extra, make it worth the cash! (not that 2x512 isn't worth the money, but go big! )
  13. It was way over-exagerated... just a joke! But I agree, back on topic... let us know what you decide for in terms of a new PSU, if you do end up going that route.
  14. haha, every thread I've seen so far w/ a post from you has some post plugging hiper type r's Someone's got a favorite PSU!
  15. I would say the 24 pin connector, or lack thereof might be a cause. I have heard that those PSUs can be problematic as well. If I were you, I'd try to get my hands on another power supply that is approved and recommended, and see if your results differ... These boards can be picky.
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