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dangit! I want warez!!!!!!! Dial up connections = the reason FTP's are full all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Porn rules....its obvious. Its the #1 seller on the internet, and every red blooded male loves it! It's just sad that people hate on it so much. You can turn on the television and see someones head being blown off, and I'm not even going to comment on some news footage I've seen......but yet if theres a brief clip in a movie where a shirtless woman walks to the fridge ITS GOTTA BE BLURED OUT!!!


OH NO!!!!!! We must protect the children from titties!!!! If a child sees a pair of breasts, they're going to be a bad person!!! But they can sure turn on CNN and see/hear about war, destruction, death, poverty, disease and all the other crap thats going on. . is about love.......so why not preach it?


*this has been another presentation of - "dang I can't stop bitching" - Brought to you by RaTeD-R Inc. We will now return you back to your original programming*


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