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  1. Back to my old friends at OCC for advice! I'm about to launch a web page that will make a portion of it's revenue off of banner ads and selling a few items. I actually plan on having a decent amount of banners, referral links, etc. Chump change is chump change right? :-) I'm looking for a quality host, who's terms of service and features support what I'm trying to accomplish. Yahoo Geocities for example, doesn't allow ads. Some hosts, frown on 'obscene language', which won't work if I'm going to run a free speech blog. I'm not running XXX or anything, but I'm sure there's gonna be some F-bombs dropped in the Political Forums! So far I'm thinking of going with Network solutions, there $13.30 plan seems to suit me. 50GB of storage, and 500GB of data transfer. I figured if a site like SurveySpot can survive and function with that host, a site like mine should have no trouble at all. Sorry for the lengthy questions, I'm going to shut up now!
  2. True, it is a little overkill, what I'm looking to get. My thinking is it's more than enough power, and once I get it built, I won't have to upgrade or anything for a good 5 years...if the hardware lasts that long. Maybe you can recommend a very good CPU/MoBo combo for $250? Thanks for the x2 4000($70) recommend, I'll look into that.
  3. First off, dang it's been awhile! Most of you won't remember me...I used to be big into this site, and computers in general....then I started researching 9/11, and my political activism took over...but I won't go there, not on this site :-). Anywayz, I know where to come for good advice, and I need your help once again! In roughly a month, I'm upgrading my box. Dunno how far I'm going to take it, but at the moment, I just have a question on a good CPU and MoBo combo. This will not be a gaming machine at all. I'll mainly be multi-tasking while surfing, and I want some crisp video playback for documentaries and many hours on YouTube. Audio playback isn't important. I'm either going with the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU, or an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU that's just as fast or better, and won't hurt my wallet by choosing it. AnandTech says the Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 is priced at 183$....they must be taking the upcoming price fall into consideration early? Because I can't find the thing for less than $215-225 after shipping. As far as C2D's, the E6750 is my leading candidate, thanks to the 1333FSB. For the MoBo/CPU combo, I'd like to keep everything under $250. Am I dreaming? Or can I find a good combination. I want the MoBo to have the ability to add my own Vid Card, I'm not a fan of onboard. I won't need a top of the line Vid Card, just something to take a good load off the CPU when multi-tasking (Vid Card recommendations not necessary, but feel free). The MoBo's gotta be Micro ATX in form to fit my old case. Of course, it's def gotta have DDR2 support, preferably 800 or better....2GB is all I'll need. Any info should help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow...some very uninformed quotes there. Where to start. Well, as far as President Bush goes - do a google search for "failure" 'nuff said. cause I don't feel like copying 1000's of links, of Bush Adminitration mistakes and corruption. As far as why have the march, and some of the comments of the March. Why is there such a negative vibe towards this thing? Over a MILLION black people come together, with good intentions, to try and motivate the masses to be better people. They welcomed all, and discriminated against no one. And your still not giving this Movement ANY due respect. I mean, doesn't it make you feel good to know people are TRYING to make a difference. Getting out, talking with each other, sharing information, hearing alternate opinions. I'm not suprised by some of these comments though. Probably the same people that still feel like "kill those towelheads before they kill us". The American Empire will soon fall thanks to people like that. We didn't learn from the Romans, or the Egyptians, or any other "Empire" that fell. This will be the last Empire to fall on this planet.....at least the Romans didn't have nukes And as far as the levee's go. Bush is just as guilty as Clinton, who is just as guilty as Senior, who is just as guilty as Regan....etc.....for not repairing the levees. Not just our President, but many high ranking officials in government knew of the danger of New Orleans. Many weather organizations, and even the Discovery Channel has been trying to warn us for years, decades, about the condition and design of the levees. NO ONE can argue that the biggest disaster of Katrina was our Federal Government. Past - Present & Future. The orders that were given, the lies that were fabricated, the lives that were lost, the rebuilding plan. It's all a joke. I have many many links on articles supporting my statements. Available on request *gimme time, there's alot of um*. I guess everyone has their own opinion....but to me it's obvious that our government isn't operating in our best interest. We know there's corruption, but don't question it. Or refuse to believe it goes too deep. The world is falling apart right before our eyes, and they constantly say it's OUR fault. Bad people start wars, not government. Bad people create bad economys, not goverment. Bad people speak out against government. It's just human nature, we're all pricks, that's what O'Reilly keeps saying, so it must be true. We can't protect ourselves, from ourselves. But Martial Law, War, and Privacy Violations will lead us to victory! But in the same breathe, they take all the credit for being Leaders....just no responsibility for it. I'm done writing the New Testament
  5. I see your points. This very well could be a "hoax". But I'm sure Big Brother is definatly watching more than we all want to except. I for one, believe the story. I've heard more than one account of this happening, but am way to tired to look up the links. Just too many conincidences these days.
  6. Well, I just got back from the Movement. It was a pleasent experience. The people there were awesome. I did a television interview, and spoke w/ members of the Nation of Islam. It was a very enlightening experience. I was glad to be there, and support the cause. Not many white people at all, my friend and I were definaltly the FEW. But we were welcomed. It was a wonderful day, thanks Minister Farrakahn.
  7. O.k, it's the day of the March, so this post is pretty useless. Just wanted to let you all know if you can make it down to D.C today for the Millions More Movement, that would be great. I'm sure you'll learn something. It's basically the Million Man March #2. 10 year anniversary shindig. During the Million Man March, Farrakhan asked for a million Black Men. This year, he's asking All who support, to join. I don't agree w/ everything Farrakhan says. I don't agree with slave reparations, and I don't agree that blacks are the only race that's opressed. The "White Man" is keeping us all down, even White People. The keep down the whites that aren't "one of them"....socially....financially....whatever. But if you attend this with an open mind, and know you won't agree with 100%. Isn't it worth going if you agree with 80%? Farrakhan is a very intelligent man, and is well researched. He knows alot of biblical prophecies, and American history. He does expose alot of truth, and patterns, that main stream media wouldn't dare touch. I'm about to leave now for the march, I hope to see you there. Or at least check out the site. Or even FinalCall.com - which is Farrakhan's own site. Thanks for your time. Power To The People! :thumbs-up:
  8. I love the passion of politics. Interesting comments. Especially about Hal Turner being racist. I'm sure he is, I know nothing about the man. I got the link to his site, from another site. And I don't think the story should be discredited because of his racist views. The laptop story wasn't about race. He didn't say government was tracking whites. It was a privacy issue, not race. In my opinion And as far as where I've been all my life. I've been FINDING the truth, instead of letting the establishment feed it to me on the Propaganda Box. The fact are that Dubya declared war with Iraq, and didn't have congressional approval. And it's now proven, it was all based on lies. You can't argue that, it's all fact, not conspiracy. Our President started a war, based on the establishments agenda, and not truth. Either way, this post was about government tracking laptops. Here's another interesting link with people trying to expose this hidden agenda. But according to the O'Reilly Factor, it's just a conspiracy - http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,69068,00.html Speaking of O'Reilly - Check out Rupert Murdochs DVD called "OutFoxed" - www.outfoxed.org - That exposes the American Media (Fox News in Specific) for what it is. I got more if you need it
  9. http://www.halturnershow.com/KeystrokeLogg...wComputers.html Check this out. Is the Government trying to track us? It seems so. And they constantly use "HomeLand Security" as a cover up. The Patriot Act does nothing more than give the government absolute power to do whatever they want, without consulting anyone. Last time I heard, Congress only has the power to declare war....I guess Iraq was an acception? Anywho'z....this is an interesting story. I'm interested to hear your opinions... http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article....RTICLE_ID=46501 http://newstandardnews.net/content/index.cfm/items/2419 I'll get plenty more
  10. Do your thang! Tell those doctors to stop prescribing so many pills. 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S is an Adverse Drug Reaction. W0rd is B0rn....and I'm still a dork :-) Sneak me some liquid moriphine
  11. o.k, you made a liar out of me. My specs are alil off, I did upgrade to win2k :-). Which I guess I'll keep, it's real stable. 98se was [email protected](^!%# I did give up pc gaming....XboX360 soon....I mean....come on, can you blame me? :-) especially since sports games are my fave now "Did you hear the joke about Union workers?......NO!......well....once upon a time and a half......" - BadaBing!
  12. Thanks for the recommend, seems like a nice system. I will be moving my 120HD to my new box, and will be adding an additional 30gig for the OS. Yeah, I've been a member for awhile. Just lost interest after I gave up the IT field. It was easier to start a business in home restoration . I still drop by from time to time when I got p00ter problems. You guys still rule. Thanks again for da recommend....keep um coming! Go Terps!
  13. Whats up strangers? Long time no chat! It's been awhile, but I've come back to my friends at OCC for some CPU advice :-). No, my signature isn't outdated, those specs are still true today! I'm using the same p00ter I was using 3-4 years ago. It's time to upgrade. Here's some things you should know.... I'm keeping my current monitor I'm looking to spend $1,000 (alil more if the deal's right) I don't PC game anymore I need performance in web-based applications and multimedia DVD Burner a must P00ter must come w/ 18yr Blonde chick :-D Umm...I guess dats all. I'm a big dork now. Trying to become a "politcal activist" and I need a BoX to help w/ my cause. Anythings better than this Fisher Price thing I got now! Any info would help....thanks guys! www.infowars.com - www.mediamatters.org - www.crooksandliars.com - www.indymedia.org - www.antiwar.com - sorry, had to
  14. O.k, got another question for the fine people at OCC I'm living w/ a roomate right now, and I pay for the internet connection. He's a porn and mp3 freak and is usually downloading something. I'm getting tired of getting lag, and having to walk over to his computer and kill download on all the porn. There's gotta be some software that limit's his bandwidth when there isn't enough available. It just seems like if we're both using alot of bandwidth, my connection is the one that gets shut out. He's got XP, I've got 98se, maybe thats it? We're using a 4port LinkSys router, and the cd that came w/ it doesn't help. I just want a program that makes my computer have all the bandwidth I need, at his expense. Or is there something in 98se, or XP that I can configure to do just that? I don't wanna have to hurt him, so please help . Thanks.
  15. Yeah, that would be the easy way Thanks for the recommend. That would definatly solve my problem in the long wrong. But I guess I'm looking for something alittle more, umm.......sneaky . If I could find a program that would just confirm my suspicions, catch the person in the act if you will, that'd be great.
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