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How To Wire: Dual Psus To Peltier

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A typical 250w power supply is able to put out 10amps at 12v. This means that out of 250w total, only about 120w is available through 12v (amps x volts = watts). This is exactly the reason why you can't plug a 120w peltier on a 250w power supply. When buying a bigger power supply, make sure it gives you enough power at 12v. The 300w power supply I have only gives 10amps at 12v, just like my 250w. The additional 50w is available for the 5v and 3.3v lines so it does not help me at all. Other 300w power supplies will give 12amps at 12v. The biggest power supply I have seen was rated at 450w and could supply 16amps at 12v, this gives you 192w of power at 12v but will cost you over 100$. What you could do instead is buy two cheap 250w power supplies and link them; this would give you about 240w of power at 12v for under $50. As you can see, multiple smaller power supplies will give you more power for less money. 


Ok, I would like to get a peltier pad for my cpu. After reading this I decided it would cost much less to go with the two PSU design. The question I have is on how to wire the peltier's two wires, + and -, to dual PSUs. I know the two wires on the peltier are rated high enough to carry the 156 watts needed, but will one molex connector be enough to carry the 156 watts (12 volts only). Any recomendations on how to wire them up? I need to take the 12v + and a ground from two power supplies and transfer the power to the peltier's + and - wires. How? Any comments are welcome.

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