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  1. Hi All, I am a grad student keeping my life (Matlab scripts, papers, class folders... everything) on a portable USB hard drive. From there, I keep several working copies on various computers that I work with. Some run Windows 7, some run Ubuntu... some run 32bit versions, some run 64 bit versions.... It gets old really fast trying to manage what's changed and where amongst all these copies of the same thing. I'd really like to move to a SVN client, but I'm not sure what would work across all of these platforms. I have experience with tortoiseSVN, and I'd like to stick with a similar interface (try to avoid command line if possible). Any suggestions? Thanks! -Mike
  2. great! that's what I was looking for. Since I only have a 12Mbps internet connection and wireless reception caps at ~36mbps, I'm not worried about the 100mbps limit to the router. All wired devices support gigabit. Will the router's DHCP work on devices hooked into the switch?
  3. Hi all! I have a 3 year old Linksys WRT45G wireless router that is due for an upgrade. However, I have dd-wrt running on it with specialized configuration, corporate level features, and a great interface that I'm reluctant to give up. Currently, I have wired connections for my computers to minimize latencies and maximize bandwidth to my NAS, but they're only 100mbps. I'm not super knowledgeable on the details of networking, so bear with this (probably very simplistic) question. Can I just buy a gigabit wired switch (newegg), and wire it into my existing linksys router? My goal would be to retain the configuration and utility of the Linksys router, while gaining gigabit speeds between my NAS and wired computers. if I hang a gigabit switch off the 10/100 infrastructure of the router, will that restrict the speed of the remaining switched ports? Thanks for your help! Let me know if I need to clarify anything or if you have any other suggestions. -Mike
  4. How does Windows Defender stack up as a spyware removal tool? Please include details or evidence to support your arguments (not just 'Windows/Microsoft sucks...'). Thanks!
  5. thanks, that looks promising. I'd like to avoid having to buy new fans. I'm always open to other ideas though
  6. i'm actually hoping to use one of these controllers in a side project I've got going. I'm building a hi-fi speaker amplifier, and having the cooling fans running at 12V all the time is loud, unnecessary, and distracting. I could always build a circuit that does this, but I would like to save the time and just buy something premade. The thing is, I would prefer to get a fan controller that automatically varies the fan speed without input from me as the sensed temperature rises. This feature is what I'm having a difficult time finding.
  7. Do you guys have any recommendations for fan controllers that use temperature measurements to set the fan speeds? thanks
  8. Hello all, I'm trying to set some basic settings for a serial camera that I have. I want to be able to set baud rate, data bits, parity, and stop bits. Unfortunately, there is not a Ports section being listed in the Device Manager. The camera is connected to a PCI board (all made by National Instruments), and it seems to be using a Serial protocol to communicate (but not the standard physical serial connection). I've gone into the registry to LocalMachine > Hardware > DeviceMap > SerialComm and it lists Comm3. I don't have an extensive background in modifying the registry, so I wanted to ask if I can change those values there (and how), or if you all had any other suggestions for me to try. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know of a good, free library for manipulating pdf's? I need to write a simple program to merge a few files that are ordered kinda funny. I also think this is a good library to have at hand. Thanks
  10. Hello all, I have just installed a gigabit network for seven computers in an offline lab environment with file sharing enabled. All of the computers are set up and working great except one (wouldn't ya know...). When any of the other computers (call it computer A) attempts to connect to this problem computer (computer B), a username and password prompt appears on A. I've tried entering the username and pass that I use for B, but that doesn't work. To the best of my knowledge, I've set them all up the same: - run the Windows Network Wizard to properly name the computer and enable file sharing - assign static ip addresses - share the main user's folder to the network with full privileges any ideas?
  11. So, java scripting apparently is not working in IE7 for some reason. I've checked the security settings in Internet Settings, and verified that Scripting is enabled. I seem to get lots of object errors on pages that use java script, but they work just fine in Firefox. Any ideas? I was going to do a clean reinstall, but I can't figure out how to do that either... IE isn't listed in the Add/Remove Programs listing. I like having both IE7 and Firefox working, so switching entirely over to Firefox is undesirable. Ideas here? thanks
  12. yea. There are a lot of times that I would like to leave my computer in my room or i just forget it, and I need to access programs or documents while i'm on main campus.
  13. Back when Vista was first being released, I heard a few people say that one could buy a lower Vista package and individually purchase features needed/desired from the higher packages. In my case, I purchased Vista Home Premium, and now I am looking into adding the Remote Desktop feature. So, is there a way that I can individually purchase this one feature, or do I have to go all out for Ultimate? I've looked around all I could, and didn't find any links or pages that would allow me to do so either in windows or on the Microsoft website. Thanks for the help
  14. Hey guys, i'm in a rush, so i'm keeping this short... i just wrote a php page that utilizes a DirectoryIterator and i'm getting the following error when i try to run the page: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: directoryiterator in /homepages/39/d207498459/htdocs/NOLS/browse.php on line 109 and here is the code from line 109 $dir = new DirectoryIterator("Zips/"); i'm getting hosting provided through 1and1, and i think they are running php5, so i'm not sure what's up.
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