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cronic BSOD's with brand new DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D

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I just bought this DFI mobo and installed it in my pc:


Enermax 535w 24pin SLI p/s

samsung 2x512mb generic ddr400 ram

athlon64 3000+ venice

geforce 7800gt

(see sig for rest of PC specs)


and have had nothing but critical Blue screen crashes during a fresh winxp (with sp2) installation or regular usage (after the few times i managed to complete the install without freezes or crashes). i ran memtest86 for 13 hours on both ram sticks and no errors were found and i am not overclocking anything. but even successfully flashing the DFI mobo to the latest official bios (june 23, 2005) and fresh installing winxp hasent helped at all with the bsod's. Nor has using only 1 of the sticks and trying every combination of ram and slots, with single and dual channel modes, all with default CMOS settings and memory timings. so are the DFI mobo's this fussy about generic ram (as i read about and suspected, especially since this mobo wont even post unless i only use the orange ram slots with this ram) or could the mobo be defective and need some RMA'ing?


and before anyone asks, yes i plugged in the floppy and molex power to the mobo too, also i have been using this same ram in my old soltek KT333 mobo for 3 years without ever having a Blue Screen crash, so i wouldnt expect this to be purely a defective ram problem :)


please and thanks for helping :D

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Strip that rig down to the bare essentials. Boot drive and video card.


Memtest is just to qualify your RAM to make sure you aren't trying to install the OS with bad RAM.


Once the OS is loaded you still need to run prime95 torture test and some 3DMark01 to make sure the system is stable.

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