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  1. can be cuased by anything from CD burners to logitec wireless keyboards, in my case a legacy DSL modem with drivers that could not work in a modern shared IRQ system. You need to look carefuuly at the information available in system management to find what driver is failing.
  2. perhaps an NF4 limitation, with the PCI slots. How about DFI provide an upgrade audio module to replace the karajan.
  3. My geil ultra no probs at 2.6v, 2225 1T,either slot colour, but I ran them at 2.8V as that is reccomended. When I got the second set I had to change to 2T to get boot. The ram is great for the price, but being BH5 does require the voltage (and extra cooling :-( ) to OC.
  4. sadly each slot is paired to one of the PCIX slots. Top PCI to first PCIX vga slot. A known issue with XFI and NF4 boards, I gather u need to contact Creative to get a replacement board, as DFI have not fixed the problem with a bios update
  5. I agree Uncle alot of hardware is not designed to share IRQ's, and XP's design is lacking... having IRQ's locked by XP makes for hell, I gather you have a choice....let XP do the asigning or asign EVERYTHING yourself....some choice. I gather the top PCI slot shares with the first PCIX slot and the second PCI also likewise shares with the second PCIx slot. Having one VGA card only I would have the option of at least the second PCI slot. I had wondered what I would do if I went SLI mmmmm the same issue Insano has found. I wonder if this is a XP pcix design issue
  6. did you install the AMD driver, has something to do with load balancing mmm I slipped streamed SP2 and had no problems as I had installing XP and then SP2.
  7. Have the same problem, rare but annoying. I find BF2 also crashes back to desktop occasionally. Does not happen enough for me to resolve
  8. sounds like windows failed. can you enter windows via "safe mode"?
  9. At start up you should get vga card bios on screen (incluing how much memory on the card) The 4 leds on the mobo... are self test. The 1st light to go out is cpu detected, the last goes out if operating system is detected. RTFM comes to mind. No vga card? it will fail selftest! OC is done only when stable at stock! , including flashing the ATI card, you may want to consider flashing it back. Microsofts solution to the BSOD was to by deault have the comp restart, turn off auto restart, so you can get the kernal error information. could be anything from keyboards, hdd's to dvd players causing the crashing. The fans turn on at full speed at begiining of selftest ..that is normal. As they are temp controlled.. in a cold case they will turn off. Obviously my feeling is, it is not the mobo.
  10. well i used yellow slots for two sticks, having added another 2 I have only adjusted to 2t timing, as no post on 1t. Intel cannot build a system that will run 4 sticks at 1t, so it is not an AMD issue.
  11. all red leds is CPU is not being detected. if the cpu fan header is disconnected, by mistake, you could have cooked it.
  12. mmmm, stutters in games, had that in BF2, yesterday fitted another 2 sticks of ram and now no pageing issues. is your comp reading, righting to the HDD? Is the memory your bottle neck, are the timings so tight that data is being lost? optimised defaults are not ideal and maybe incorrect.
  13. I also went for the after market solution, all copper and chipset runs alot cooler.
  14. Hi, Like you I dont think it is the 6800, the DVI connection (1 or 2) or everything else all have said. I think all vga cards have the default vga capacity, a type of recovery mode, so to speak. Drivers add the 3D grunt. The bios has two things of interest to you, by default it looks fo a PCI graphics card, I would set that to PCIX. Also their is a 6800 option to enable on one of the bios screens, it may be only for SLI but it is somethiong to consider. The mobo has 4 red leds at the bottom left of the board, when it fails to power up the 6800 how many leds are lit? Faulty bios/ bios chip? update bios ( same 6/23. so you dont void your warranty) You may need to consider RMA the mobo, faulty NF4 chipset. In case you are wondering, with a 7800 if their is insufficient power to card (ie extra plug disconnected) it still loads in windows and pops up a message to tell you limited vga functions are available. I assume the 6800 has the same design.
  15. The IRQL is a driver issue, as you know , in particular due to the shared IRQ's, my guess is due to the change to PCIX. Is your sig complete, have you built the system starting with minimum components, and then adding one at a time. Could be anything from a logitec keyboard, usb device, even a cd burner?
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