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About To Buy New PSU ! Is this ok?


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Enermax Noisetaker 600W EG701AX-VE(W) SFMA ATX2.0 SLI Compliant PSU (CA-021-EN)


The highly anticipated ATX +12V ver 2.0 is finally here, for those who still live in a cave PCI-Express video card and CPU reaching near 4G require a new standard in power supply design. Dual +12V and more +12 Amps are a few of the changes from version 1.3. As always Enermax has always exceeded the Intel power supply design guide to give you more than you need. Our ver 2.0 come with native 6 Pins PCI-X connector for top end video cards and the smart fan function allows better heat dissipation after system shut down.


- 2 x 6 pin PCI-Express VGA Connectors for SLi Compatibility

- Intel approved ATX 2.0 (20/24 pin connectors)

- Intel/AMD ATX 1.3 approved

- Smart Fan: After PC shuts down, cooling fan keeps running

- Separate 12V rails: Independent 12V rails supply to MB/CPU

- Meet UL 240VA safety requirements offer a safer perating circumstance to users.

- S-ATA connectors

- Manual and automatic fan speed control : Automatic controlled by thermostat plus rheostat

- Extra Power connector

- Dual Fan: The best cooling method for PC system, and is strongly suggested by AMD.

- Active PFC function: PF value 0.99 under condition of 230VAC/50Hz at full load.

- Silence: Acoustic noise is successfully reduced with two fans

- FM & FC functions: RPM signal of 8cm exhaust fan is provided

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