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Overclock "breaks" board...?


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Ok, my first settings: I had the components stated in my sig except the ram was different. I had Rosewill 2x515 dual-channel "high-performance... :sweat: " 3-3-3-8 1T. I had the fsb at 221, cpu voltage=1.5, vdimm at 3.0v, multiplyer=x11, everything else at default settings.

I narrowed down my horrible oc to the crap ram. I bought some OCZ 2x512 pc4800 platinum dual channel ram, possitive that this quality ram will allow a higher oc.

I plugged the new ram in and started raising the fsb and lowering the mult. Then after a day away from the computer, i started messing with timings, not realizing that i had never tested for stability yet. So, i wanted to start over and do it all the right way.

I set everything back to default settings and bios crashed.


This is the other thread i posted with the rest of my problem. Is it possible that the overclock caused this issue?[

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