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need your help with initial start up

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I have just built my 3rd pc


NF4-SLI-DR, GTX 7800 card, AMD 4800+ Dual core, G.Skill Extreme PC4800 * 4, Swiftech G4 Water block and a DD5 pump.


I switched the pc on (only using 1 RAM module initially on the top socket) and initially I got no power to either the keyboard, the mouse and no signal to the monitor and not much else either.


I checked the case cables to the M/B and got a bit more success and switching some upside down i.e. power and 4 red lights that eventually went down to 2 (far left hand side) and the power supply light was blinking on and off which I beleieve is either an S1 or S3 problem? How do I know whcih one it is? could it be a problem with 1 or more of the case leads?


However, I still have no signal to my monitor (iiyama AS4316 TFT) or my mouse or keyboard


Using the guide here, having made some revisions as I had already built the system, I unplugged the HD's, CD rom, floppy and case leads which left with basically a slighly more than bare bones PC


M/B, 4800+ dual core CPU, I RAM module, GTX card, keyboard and mouse and ..........water coling system.


I used the M/B on/off switch and I still get the same, no signal to the monitor, no power to the keyboard and still 2 red LED lights on the M/B.


I have checked all the power connections and all the connectors which are all both on and in thier default settings.


I am now at a loss as to what to try or do next, any ideas or suggestions about my next step??



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the case leads from the case switches to the motheboard were not marked in any way.


I had to therefore guess as to which way the m/b connectors went. the cables are blue and white so I had a choice when connecting say the HD cable, should it blue then white .........or white then blue...


hence my statemnt for turning the connectors upside down there swithing the cable around.



However, having disconnected them completey as indicated in the inital start up guide here I still have exactly the same problem as in no signal to the monitor and no power to the keyboard and 2 nice bright LED lights on the M/B.

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OK everyone just an update for you all.


I got a result, well of sorts.


I put all the cables back on and with the odd bit of tweaking with the case cables I now have windows XP SP 2 now installed, albeit on a single drive. For some strange reason it just does not like the Sony Floppy Internal drive, it knows it is there but just will not boot it from scratch so a bit more detective work I think.


Thankfully I managed to install windows without loading the SATA drives during the installation process and it worked just fine, so I guess one step at a time.


Stage 2 will be to update the BIOS


Stage 3 will be to get it to a RAID 0

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I moved the RAM down one slot to the second and it started !!!


I got signal to the monitor...all I have to do now is put the cables etc back and see what happens.


I had the same problem on my new PC initially. It would work in 2nd slot (had two sticks, would only allow one til BIOS flash). Odd.


Glad you got it worked out brotha.



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