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    Acronis true image home

    As a stupid question on this but.. Will a fresh intall of XP change the security codes?? I seem to remember that saved Outlook messages had a different security code which needed to be re-jigged to enable them to be re-inserted back into the fresh install of Outlook and accepted. Could this possibly be the same situation here? the back up version via Acronis has the previous security settings and will not work when trying to import back into the new install. As such they will need to be re-jigged / updated accordingly. or am I talking total crap as per normal?
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    To those that donated to DIY-Street (DFI-Street)

    Hi E-mail sent today
  3. Hi Well this is the first, I hope, of many posts from me on this and hopefully with some or a lot of input from you this will be both an interesting and informative thread. Initially for me to see what idea’s and suggestions that you come up with as I go along but also I guess as an inspiration for those who are contemplating going down this road. So why build / design my own case? Personally it coves a few different area’s really, the first being my existing case (a Mountain Mods U2-UFO case) was getting on the cramped side and I was looking for something similar but with a bit more room! I know what you are going to say…how on earth can a case that is 18” cubed be too small?? Well I do have two separate water cooling loops, 2 separate water pumps, 5 Hard Drives and two separate PSU’s in there and it all takes up room not including the M/B and a PA 120.3 and 120.1 RAD and all the fans. I also have to add all the relevant cabling and water tubing and…….well you get the idea space becomes a premium very quickly with all that lot in there. So why not use the case that I have already? The case I have has been powder coated and in order to have any kind of effective mod to it all the powder coating will need to be stripped off both inside and out and to be realistic I do not have the equipment to do that and to get someone to do that I may as well keep the case running whilst I build this one and then sell the MM case when I have finished. What am I looking for? If I were honest I am looking to hide all the wiring (or as much as I can) and as much of the water cooling setup and the PSU’s in order to reduce the clutter as much as I can in order to give a clean look to what is left. In addition I am looking to give my brain a work out, pick you for idea’s and suggestions as I go along and to have a great deal of fun (I hope) in the process and to have a sense of ……I built that …at the end of it.. Size and Construction I did start a Poll earlier and although a possible method was to use composite materials I have no prior experience in that at all and I doubt if I would be able to give it the patience and the quality that I would like to achieve. An idea for the future no doubt with a bit of practice on other things but for now I would like to try and keep it simple as that sums me up nicely simple  • Material – Aluminium really for me, easy to obtain, easy to use and easy to handle. • Framing - Given all that it will have to cope with I am looking to use 1” * 1” * 3 mm Aluminium angle as the main frame. This will help give the case some pretty good rigidity and will not bend or flex under the weight (I hope). To add to this all the two floor panels will be 3 mm aluminium whilst the side panels will probably 1 mm. The front and rear panels I am undecided on yet will either be 1 mm or 3 mm aluminium, I am looking for something that will help tie the whole lot together and the 3 mm may well do this a lot more than the 1 mm but I am unsure as to how easy or otherwise the 3 mm will be over the 1 mm. • VOTE 1 – So what do you all think for the front and rear panels to this case 1 mm or 3 mm? • Size – I am looking at a case of 18” deep * 19” wide * 25 “ high. I am constrained by the amount of room I have under my desk but these dimensions are the max that I can realistically get away with. • Framing Plan – I have a basic frame in mind that I have had to amend for a number of different reasons, both for practicality and also space. I have had to take into account how I will fit two separate water cooling loops into my new case and how and where I will fit the Rad’s ?. This is the framing plan that I initially came up with (See Initial Framing v 2 jpg) However, trying to fit a PA 120.3 and a PA 120.2 rad was proving to be somewhat difficult. I will mention more about the water cooling later on in another post but it has had quite an impact on my initial framing design as you will see soon. What I have decided to go for is 2 PA 120.2 rads ( 1 for the CPU only, and the other for the GPU (or GPU’s) and the Northbridge. A PA 120.2 rad stands at roughly 12” tall (300 mm) whilst a PA 120.3 takes up nearly 17” (430 mm) so not small by any means. My initial though was to go for a 120.3 rad on its side in front of the case with a 120.2 rad on its back next to it with the case. However, by the time I add in the 2 PSU’s space disappears again especially when I take into account the water cooling tubing that will also have to share this space. I could add another rad above it but I am trying to avoid having too much encroaching into the main unit of the case. I have therefore decided to go for 2 PA 120.2 rads standing up with 1 each side of the case, this will allow sufficient room to house my main H/D’s between the two Rads with the H/D’s having their own separate air cooling arrangement. It will mean that the top fan from each rad will ‘appear’ in the main unit but it will keep the overall case height within the limit that I have whilst at the same time giving me the cooling that I need. Only time will tell if this will prove to be a wise move or not but currently cannot see of a different method. To achieve this I will have to ensure that the ‘main’ floor will sit just below the top fan of the Rad to give it an aesthetic look which in turn will lower my overall height available within the lower compartment. (see v5 jpeg) Vote 2 – Have I got this right do you think? Any other idea’s or suggestions as to how to get these rads in? bear in mind that a PSU I am going to use ( PC C &P) is 180 mm deep and will also have the cabling as well so a deep PSU which eats up a LOT or room depth wise within the case Here is my revised framing plan taking into account the rads. Revised Frame V 3 jpeg refers whilst v 5 shows how the framing relates to the Rad and fans...possibly ...maybe... I have a bit more thinking to do on this but helpful idea's and suggestions are very very welcome at this point.
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    3 Lions Case- New build

    Shatteredsteel what can I say except thank you I am leaving for a weeks vacation in Boston today (shopping and a few Ice Hockey games) so I will be able to finalise a few things whilst I freeze as I see Boston is a warm and humid minus 20 at the moment lol. What is the best format for you to work with?
  5. madian225

    3 Lions Case- New build

    Hi I have just installed sketchup, although I have never used it before I will try and re-do the drawings so that it gives a much clearer picture of what I have in mind at the current moment.
  6. madian225

    3 Lions Case- New build

    Hi 225Slant6 Any idea's are more than welcome and as for your abilities they have to be better than mine lol I am away for a week in Boston from Tuesday so everything will be put on hold forum wise till I am back. It will give me time to think more about the case etc. and to make any revisions then. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind with interest, thanks.
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    New case, how?

    HI I currently have a MM U2-UFO case and am thinking of changing it for something different. I guess I have a number of options, Keep existing case Buy new case and mod it to pieces build a case myself and keep DIY-Street informed of the progress be boring and dull and keep the new case as it is (what ever case I get)
  8. madian225

    New case, how?

    Hi What I have in mind is to have a separate compartment below the M/B to house the main water cooling bits ( Pumps, RAD, etc.) this will also house a Phase unit if and when I ever do that. Have been thinking of also housing the PSU here as well so keeping cabling round the M/B to a minimum provided the PSU cables are long enough. This extra compartment will also house the fan cables, font panel switch cables and the internal fan controller this will help maintain an uncluttred and smooth look to the case. Overall dims I am looking at is 19" wide * 18" deep * 26" high. I think I will go for a case from scratch as this will mean that I will have some thinking to do, knuckles to scrape, brain cell to get working and loads of head scratching to do in the process. May need some advice / help / encouragement as I go along as this will not be a quick project I feel.
  9. madian225

    New case, how?

    Hi To be honest there is nothing really wrong with it at all. I just have a few idea's as to what I am looking for and it given the case is powder coated it will mean stripping the powder coat of both inside and out before I can start to do anything. I guess that is my reason behind starting from scratch and seeing what happens. I am looking to future proof my case (maybe phase at some point) and with 5 HD's, two water cooling loops including two DD 5 pumps space has become a bit limited lol. So am thinking of what I want and how to achieve it based on what I have seen elsewhere and my own idea's / thoughts really
  10. madian225

    Has anyone RMA'd g.skill RAM?

    Hi I had to recently RMA a set of G. Skill Ram I contacted G.SKILL and advised them I had a problem and they e-mailed me asking me to do so memtest tests under windows. I e-mailed them back with the results and they confirmed that the RAM was faulty, I filled in the appropriate form they e-mailed me and then got a RMA number and sent the RAM off. A week later I received a replacement, they were excellent in my dealing with them and were fast and efficient and clearly a company I would do business with again. They even offered to send me a set of DDR 2 RAM instead of my DDR set when I mentioned that I was thinking of switching. A huge thumbs up from me for G.SKill and they will have my business again for sure with customer support like that.
  11. madian225

    upgrade time but when??

    Hi I know that there is never an ideal time to upgrade as their is always something new around the corner but this seems to be quite true especially at the moment. One one hand you have new motherboards appearing left right and centre (not only from DFI), new GPU's appearing on the scene (8800, D600's and the 8900 at some point soon) as well as a new O/S (Vista). For someone like me who is contemplating a change to CD2 there is a lot to consider at the moment in so many area's. At the moment I am going for an Infinity board, seems to make sense to me all things considered at the moment, with an E6700 chip (possibly a X6800 or QX6700 funds permitting). As for the card well the new BFG 8800 GTX is top of my list currently but the D600 card could prove to be interesting. I guess my biggest stumbling block at the moment is the RAM, 2G used to be more than enough but now Vista has hit the shelves 2G may not be enough from what I have read. I am unsure if to go down the 2G DDR2 route and see how I go and then get a further 2G set at a later date if needed or fi I should get one of the new 2* 2G G.Skill RAM sets. The 2 * 1 G sets obviously have much tighter timings than the 2*2G sets but I am wondering how this will play out if I did indeed ended up with 4*1 G sticks. How will they compare ??? so many things to think about at the moment right across the board ( no pun intended) but given I am looking to change in early March I guess all I can do is see what happens between now and then and get what I think is right then. Any help / idea's / suggestions on the RAM front at this point in time would be most welcome given my lack of knowledge on the 2 sticks v 4 sticks front. on the 2 * 2G I am looking at 4Gb G.Skill DDR2 PC2-6400 MQ Series 800MHz Dual Channel kit rated CL6 (6-6-6-18) at 800MHz (£370 = $ 700) as opposed to 2Gb G.Skill DDR2 PC2-6400 GA Series 3-4-3-8 Dual Channel kit rated 3-4-3-8 at 800MHz (£320 = $600 ) Strangely the 2*2G kit will cost roughly the same as the 2*1G set so if I got the 1G set now and got another set later then the cost is.....HUGE... but given that I remember a HG thread about tight v lose timings and the CPU MHz being king should I just get the 2*2G set and have done with it?? so...help !!!
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    The Official 2006 Happy New Year Thread!

    A very Happy New Year from the UK My first post of 2007 is to here where I spend so much of my time in and out and reading up. May you all have a very good one, get your best ever overclocks and have fun with what you have !!! For me 2007 will spent wondering if I should go CD2 and if so what should I get M/B and Graphics wise.... who know's but what ever I do I will have fun and that is what it is all about Have a wonderful 2007 everyone.
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    IE7, is it me or is my whole system dying?

    Hi Hope this helps http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/
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    R600. Who's gonna get one?

    Hi I am running a XFX 7800 GTX Extreme card (256 mb) and since I brought that countless new cards have arrived on the scene - 4 or maybe even 5 in the past 18 months. I had been looking at getting the XFX 8800GTX Extreme edition card but I have been wondering how the R600 series will compare and I think that I will wait a bit longer and see what happens. I know that there is no real right or wrong time to buy as anything you do get will be obsolete within hours anyway. I think my £ or $ will be better spent on a CD2 chip, new DDR2 RAM and a new DFI M/B and then seeing how things go.
  15. Hi I was lucky enough to receive cash, clothes, a painting and the normal aftershave. However, the best thing was without doubt my fiancée telling me how much she loved me. Nothing in the world has made my Christmas as much, that will be my lasting memory of this Christmas without a doubt.
  16. Hi I have recently had a problem with my AMD 4800+ dual core cpu and contacted AMD with regards to a possible RMA for the chip given that it was about 18 months old. I had a suspicion that the on-board memory controller may be suspect/faulty and contacted AMD with regards to a possible RMA. It seems that they agree that they believe, based on the information provided by myself, that my CPU may indeed be suspect/faulty but given the fact that I was NOT/have not been using the original heatsink fan that came with my boxed retail version of the CPU then I appear to have voided my warranty with AMD totally. Despite the fact that AMD post a list of recommended heatsink fans on thier web site, as well as recommended RAM and Motherboards. It would therefore appear that if you do you not use the original heatsink fan that comes with the retail CPU then your warranty is voided regardless. You are therefore at the mercy of AMD as to what they wish to do. What is the point, therefore, of listing recommended heatsink fans or other components on their web site if when trouble does occur you find that you are unable to RMA because you have not used the original heatsink fan/component that came with the boxed retail CPU. It does kind of make a mockery of thier 3 year warranty. Has anyone else had this problem? As you may have guessed I am slightly miffed ( I can think of other words that I would like to use but at this point in time would prefer not to use them but I think you can all guess as to what they may be) at this given I paid £560 ($1,000) at the time only to find that the CPU that I was going to use for my daughters PC is not now going to be of much use and I cannot RMA it and trying to find another 4800+ dual core socket 939 AMD chip is remote to say the least.
  17. madian225

    AMD RMA or not as it seems.

    Hi Indeed they are the rules and I know that they are there for a very good reason. I was just very surprised that they would have a list of recommended heatsink fans on their web site if they knew that using anything else besides the original AMD HS fan that came with the CPU would void the warranty. One of the main reasons I got a full retail boxed CPU than a OEM one was for the 3 year warranty and I did tell them that I was using one of their recommended heatsink fans rather than the stock one as I wanted to be completely honest about the situation, the problems that I was experiencing and what equipment I was using. Here is the part of the reply that led to this post; " By the way, AMD recommends you use the original heat sink and fan unit that came with your retail box processor. If you have not been using the AMD HSF unit, you have voided your warranty. Thank you for supporting AMD." It is a lesson learned on my behalf and hopefully it will also alert/remind others as well as to what the situation is. A new AMD Skt 939 CPU here I come and this time I will be using the correct fan lol. I want to cry really but no point so I will learn my lesson and hope that I will help someone by this post
  18. Hi I am building a PC for my daughter which consists of the following NF4 SLI-DR Expert Board - latest official BIOS - NF4 ED406 OCZ 600 W powerextreme PSU AMD 4800+ Dual Core CPU 1 G (2 * 512) G. Skill F1-4800DSU2- 1GB FF ( Have 4 - sequential numbering- but only using 2 at the moment) BFG 7600 GT 2 WD 37 G Raptors - Non RAID May help if I start at the beginning, most of the above is from my old system exept the PSU and the BFG card which are new. I put the system together with the RAM in both orange slots, BIOS with optimised defaults, with 2 SATA hard drives - Non raid - . When I tried to load windows I got the BSOD about half way through which surprised me a lot given I never had any real problems with the board previously. It came up with driver conflicts problem - I forget the exact wording, after entering the BIOS and de-selecting the on-board sound and both LAN ports windows loaded fine or so I thought. I now find that the system will just re-boot at any time from the initial boot to opening up IE to opening up the Control panel. I have a suspicion that something may be wrong some where lol As I type the PC is undergoing a 24 h CMOS clear and I will then do a 12 hour memtest on the RAM as a starting point and see where that gets me. However, I will admit that I suspect that it may the BFG card given that is my only real new component apart from the PSU. SO what should I do next? I could buy a cheap Graphics card to see if that is the problem but before I went too far I thought that I would seek your help. I have the 24 pin connector in place, the floppy connector on the board and both CPU 1 & CPU 2 connectors ( 4 pin connectors to make the 8 pin connector - with CPU 1 located at the top and CPU 2 at the bottom). I am wondering if this could possibly be my problem ? Anyone with a OZC PSU have I done this correctly as the manual was definitely lacking on clear guidance on this ANy help always gratefully received
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    Expert/venus Bios

    Hi I think it would be safe to say that the BIOS for the expert and the venus boards should not, in an ideal world, be swapped. I know that some people were flashing thier Venus boards with the more update Expert BIOS when the Venus initially came out and, if I recall, had some limited success but to do so is somewhat reckless in my honest opinion. There is no way I would flash my Venus with an Expert BIOS. I would stick with the Expert BIOS for an Expert board and the same for the Venus - stick with the right things it will save you a whole load of grief later on. I am not sure how you could RMA the board if you have flashed with the wrong BIOS. I guess you would be at the mercy of DFI and how they felt
  20. madian225

    Socket 939 Overclocking Database

    DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR Venus (06th April 2006 BIOS) AMD 170 Opteron Dual Core - Naked - 2x1024MB Mushkin Redline Extreme (991493) XFX GeForce 7800GTX Extreme Edition, 490/1300 91.47 drivers 36GB Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM SATA hdd * 2 - Raid 0 Enermax 600 ATX 24 pin Power Supply ========== [b]Genie BIOS Settings:[/b] [color=red] FSB Bus Frequency............................. - 281 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio....................... - 3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio....................... - 10 PCI eXpress Frequency......................... - 100Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value......................... - Startup CPU VID Control............................... - 1.45 CPU VID Special Control....................... - 102.4 % LDT Voltage Control........................... - 1.30v Chip Set Voltage Control...................... - 1.56v DRAM Voltage Control.......................... - 2.71v[/color] [b]DRAM Configuration Settings:[/b] [color=red] DRAM Frequency Set............................ - 166=RAM/FSB:05/06 Command Per Clock (CPC)....................... - Enable CAS Latency Control (Tcl)..................... - 2.5 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd)..................... - 3 Min RAS# active time (Tras)................... - 7 Row precharge time (Trp)...................... - 2 Row Cycle time (Trc).......................... - 7 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc)................... - 14 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd)....................... - 02 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr)..................... - 02 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr).................... - 01 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt).................... - 02 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref)......................... - 3120 Cycles Odd Divisor Correct........................... - Disabled DRAM Bank Interleave.......................... - Enabled DQS Skew Control.............................. - Auto DQS Skew Value................................ - 0 DRAM Drive Strength........................... - Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength...................... - Auto Max Async Latency............................. - 8.0 Nano Seconds DRAM Response Time............................ - Normal Read Preamble Time............................ - 5.0 Nano Seconds IdleCycle Limit............................... - 064 Cycles Dynamic Counter............................... - Enable R/W Queue Bypass.............................. - 16 x Bypass Max.................................... - 07 x 32 Byte Granularity........................... - Disable(4 Bursts) [/color] ========== Prime95 + 3dMark2001SE + CPU-Z + Everest 3.50.761: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/mad...overclockv2.jpg 3dMark2003: 3dMark2005: 3dMark 2006: ========== short description: 281x10 @ 2810Mhz, 1.45v @ 102.4% 2.5-3-7-2 @ 2.71v vdimm
  21. Hi I think I speak for all of those who donated to the fund in that we wanted to give something back to the forum and you Happy Games that have given all here so much of your patience, free time and all done willingly. So to you and Mushkin we all thank you As for my number I will chose - 81 and who ever wins this contest I will congratulate now
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    4pin CPU Fan header

    Hi I purchased a CPU cooler for my daughter's PC that had a 92mm fan and that came with a 4pin 'plug' for the fan as standard. As my daughter's board is the DFI Expert board I had to replace the fan with a standard 3pin fan. Interesting information though so it will be interesting to see where this new 4 pin arrangement leads everyone in the future
  23. madian225

    Delay from logging into windows.....!!!

    Hi It definately sounds like a driver issue, did you use the driver from the printer CD or the latest driver off of the manufacturer's web site? I would use the CD driver as I have found that the latest drivers for my printer (Epsom) are less than ideal
  24. madian225

    RAID Problems

    Hi Firstly can you clarify what two hard drives you are trying to install windows on. Ideally, if using the Nvidia RAID drivers, you should be using the 6.53 drivers as they are WHQL certified and worked for me on my Venus board as well as the latest DFI drivers off of thier web site. Are the HD's SATA or IDE connected? Is this the first time you have done a RAID 0 setup? there is an excellent guide within the forum here on how to set one up.