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Low benchmark results?? Why?

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Hello Peeps,

Please help, as I have built my new Athlon 64 system, and although it works fine, I cannot get the results I was expecting. Eg. BF2 settings have to be Med or Low and Benchmark results with 3d Mark 03 clock at 7595.


I was suspicious of the low results and checked with www.tomshardware.com and my results compare to a PIII. Not good!


Tom's Hardware suggests that I would get a GPU benchmark result of 10591 and CPU result of 761. I get a GPU of 7595 and CPU of 161.


Now the GPU is I think maxed out, the card has been OC'd and seems to be fine, Tom's Hardware was tested with a higher spec card. But I'm worried about the CPU result. For example when I'm playing BF2 my CPU is working flat out and causing the game to stutter, even at low graphic settings.


Now all the BIOS setting we're set to Automatic. I tried manual, but these dont make any difference. I have increased the FSB to 220 (it wont go higher, with out hanging), I've upp'ed my CPU/FSB Freq to x12 and this has made no difference. I also changed the LDT/FSB Freq to x5. Again no difference.


Please help as I think something is stopping my CPU from working correctly. I've included all my BIOS settings below.


Money for a beer can be sent to the man that helps!!


Many Regards,




Setting [email protected]

[email protected]

DirectX 9.0c

Graphics Driver Version 78.01



AGP sideband addressing support Force On

AGP fastwrites support Force On

Graphics adaptor identification Geforce

Use ROM straps for PCI DeviceID programming Off

Active pixel/vertex units configuration Custom (16x1,6vp)

Allow enabling hardware masked units On

Unlock Professional capabilities Off



Enable driver-level hardware overclocking 325/800



AGP Aperture Size (MB) 256M

AGP 3.0 Speed 8X

AGP Fast Write Auto

AGP Sideband Address Auto

CPU Thermal Throttling 50.00%

Special I/O for PCI Control Disabled

- Base I/O Address 0000

- I/O Length 1 Byte

System BIOS cacheable Disabled


BIOS – Genie settings

FSB Bus Frequency 200

FSB Bus Frequency 66

Clock Spread Spectrum Disabled

LDT Downstream Width Auto

LDT Upstream Width Auto

LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio x5

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio x12

K8 Cool n Quiet Support Disabled

CPU VID Control Auto

CPU VID Special Control Auto

Chip Set Voltage Control 1.60V

AGP Voltage Control 1.60V

DRAM Voltage Control 2.60V

SATA 1/SATA 2 Control Enabled

SATA 3/SATA 4 Control Enabled

AC97 Audio Auto

On Board 1394 Control Enabled

MAC LAN (nVidia) Auto

MAC Media Interface RGMII

Machine MAC Address Disabled


BIOS – Genie DRAM settings

DRAM Frequency Set (Mhz) Auto

Command Per Clock (CPC) Auto

CAS Latency Control Auto

RAS# to CAS# delay Auto

Min RAS# active time Auto

Row Precharge time Auto

Row cycle time Auto

Row refresh cyc time Auto

Row to Row delay Auto

Write recovery time Auto

Write to Read Delay Auto

Read to Write Delay Auto

Refresh Period Auto

Write CAS Latency Auto


DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength Auto

Max Async Latency Auto

Read Preamble Time Auto

IdleCycle Limit Auto

Dynamic Counter Auto

R/W Queue Bypass Auto

Bypass Max Auto

32 Byte Granularity Auto



3d Mark 03 GPU 7595

CPU 163

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Is there anyone out there with a Athlon 64 2800 and DFI UT nf3 250Gb motherboard who could run some benchmarks and tell me what results they get.


It would be nice to compare my system with another "real" system out there.




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CPU Thermal Throttling 50.00%...DISABLE THIS..


LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio x5.. This should be auto or 4x


CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio x12.. This you can leave at auto.. A64 multi's are locked from the stock multi and up so you setting this to 12x is not really doing anything.



When you run the benchies are you disabling aa,af and vsync (or setting them to app preference) ?

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I've heard something about the 6800 graphic card & the NF3 having what they call a hiccup problem.which causes graphical stalls and crap like that. Maybe this is what you're experiencing.


I'm sure there are other people around here that have heard of this & could explain it in better detail than myself (I don't have a 6800 card)


BF2 doesn't play to well with 1 gig ram, you will get periodic stalls. with 2 gigs everything plays great.


just as a comparison, I get a 5575 in 3dmark03 & can play BF2 @ [email protected] with all settings on hi & 4xaa

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Thanks djjimmyswift, not good news that theres a problem between 6800 and the nf3 DFI board, this was not my planned in my build!! :(


Its strange as my machine clocks 7595 on 3dMark03, which is quite higher than yours, but I still have problems. I must admit my 6800LE is overclocked and I am in the process of back tracking on this and retesting Bf2, I'm hoping this may stablise it, but it should still run like yours. Thanks for letting me know this machine should run faster!


If anyone else has news on this DFI nf3 and 6800 problem, please let me know. If there is proof of problems with this combo, I maybe able to get a different card and push my supplier into sorting this out.


Any other help would be greatful.




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Hya again,

Thanks mugenoel, I've heard about this Thermal-Throttling, is this the CPU Thermal-throttling??


Because Thunda said to disable this, I did and it stops my computer from booting. I then end up resetting the BIOS to get everything up and running.


Thanks everyone for help so far, I feel I'm getting somewhere with this now!




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