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    The AMD 3GHz Club

    link seems to be ok now but i think either the posts were lost in the upgrade or my other theory is the admin took exception to something i posted in another thread (truth hurts) and in his haste to delete it got a bit trigger happy. would also explain my sudden popularity in the rep dept. seems you're either in line with the other little dfi robots or you're the devil. he quite obviously took exception to my sig quotes... your opinion is fine as long as it's mine???
  2. Cyberparasite

    OCZ memory settings

    you've gotta take into consideration that when ryder qualified the 2gb platinum set at bleedin edge he did it at stock clocks (not overclocked)
  3. Cyberparasite

    Expert and TCCD

    i'm not really inclined to scroll through all your trial and error although the spread sheet at a glance looks to be very well done and thorough. have you considered the possibility that your patriots are duds? seems to me any tccd worth it's salt should easily pass 275++. i have thoroughly tested 2 different pairs (gskill le and ocz plat rev2) and both will run 300 stable with 2.8v at 2.5-3-3-7
  4. Cyberparasite

    SLI-DR Expert Bad Ram Slots?

    if you use the yellow slots ( 1 and 3) you need 2T command rate. you should do a cmos reset, then start fresh using a 2T command rate (cpc off) and work out your other settings from there.
  5. Cyberparasite

    Arctic Silver Ceramique VS Arctic Silver 5

    http://www.thermaxtech.com/ great product... and they're giving out samples
  6. Cyberparasite

    General cosencsus on SLI & Expert

    no issues... using march, 29-06 bios.
  7. from reports i've seen in various forums, the ram actually running at rated timings of 2-2-2 is not happening.
  8. Cyberparasite

    Ram passes memtest, still just beeps

    how much voltage are you feeding those sticks? i'd try to boot at default timings (2-2-2-5) and clock (ddr400) with a vdimm of at least 2.8v, in the orange slots.
  9. Cyberparasite

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    lol... full pm box, not by any stretch. cooling as tested: TT big typhoon with 120mm delta replacement fan.
  10. Cyberparasite

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    my post is in reply to the original posters request for amd cpu at or above 3ghz.
  11. Cyberparasite

    The AMD 3GHz Club

  12. Cyberparasite

    Memory Help

    if you're looking to run 2x1gb ocz gold much over 260 , 1:1 it's not gonna happen
  13. Cyberparasite

    IS this a good overclock???

    if those are bh5 why not pump the volts to them. i've never owned bh5 sticks that would even post at cas3.
  14. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/search...earchid=1649767
  15. Cyberparasite

    Aquamark 3 Scores Post here

    Total score: 100044 GFX: 16593 CPU: 12595