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Ocing My Ga-7vaxp

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Hey I had a Topic on here for "OC my 1800+ Machine"

Thanks to all who gave me info.


I Did it I Bridged all my L1's and rebooted and nothing. I cannot find the or any option in the Bios setting to change my Multiplyers??

so i opened up the OCing software Easy Tuner that came with my MOBO and it did not allow me to change the 11.5x that it said it was running.

so i the looked at the MOBO its self it Has a Multiplyer Dips on it at it was set at 11x so I set it to 12.5 turn on the system and opened Easy Tuner and the 11.5 x changed to 12.5 Yea..... so I rebooted to check something and when i returned to Easy Tuner and now it says 11.5x agin???




Is their a setting in bios For my board if not what can i do???

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