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  1. I dont know where you guys heard that Americans didnt like Borat. Me and all my friends thought it was one of the funniest movies on the planet. I actually went out and bought it the day after I saw it. Its an AMAZING movie.
  2. Actually I hear if you make a hat out of the stuff it doubles your signal strength! B:)
  3. Honestly if I were you I would go to avsforum.com and see if they have any input for you.
  4. From looking at them, LCD's seem to do much better if you have any glare on your tv.
  5. ????? I thought 1920 x 1080 was full HD. But anyways, my parents bought this TV and its basically amazing. Oh and LCD tv's have a much longer lifespan than plasmas, so its a better investment.
  6. Try this website for some drivers. They have instructions on how to use their drivers. I think im running the 97.54's for my go 7900gs. Hopefully they have what your looking for.
  7. Im using Vista Ultimate on my laptop right now and so far it seems to be running pretty solid. Havent tried any games yet because it took me forever to find graphics drivers for this stupid mobile graphics card. I dont know why but Nvidia doesnt have any on their website for the "go" cards, I had to go to dell's website and download some drivers that are like 2 months old <_< Oh well, it runs better than the ones vista installed. But anyways, Id say go with Vista.
  8. Rechargeable batteries? They might cost you a bit more in the beginning but will definitely save you money if your worried about that.
  9. That depends, did the van also have air fresheners that looked like trees yet smelled like a new car? Cause if her van had the trees and the "nawz" it would definately be faster than the truck.
  10. Yeah, do it! You will get 30-60 extra horsepower easy. Im not even kidding, your dads truck will feel like a flippin rocket ship!
  11. Oh I know that k&n sticker I have on my truck gave me at least 10hp, maybe even 20!
  12. Either your on crack or you have never skied before. Not only is it physically easier but I was able to teach myself how to snowboard and get down most hills easily after 3 times up. Iv been a skiier since I was about 5. I currently am sporting a pair of pocket rockets (love em, they're great on almost everything) and I have a seasons pass to Crystal Mountain up here in Washington. Actually I am going up to the mountain tomorrow to tear it up :thumbs-up:
  13. Dont know if you have it yet or not but I would go for it. I got it and Im impressed. The single player is fun and the mulitiplayer seems to be even more fun. (sorry I cant give you a real good review, only had it for like a day)
  14. I just want the book to come out, or have a date as to when it will. The last book was the worst one in my opinion so this new one better be awesome and not have a retarded ending.
  15. I totally agree with Neo here. The movie was very well done. Seeing how I am only 18, I was unable to see the other rocky movies on the bigscreen (iv seen them all though) so seeing this one was a must. Stallone really did a good job incorporating the old rocky movies into this one and it makes for one epic movie experience. Go see it if your a fan of the Rocky series, it wont disappoint.
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