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Need help deciding new rig!


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Hey all, I weren't sure where this was supposed to go but here it goes:

I built my last PC with the aid of my brother, but now hes gone off to university and I want to build one (for the experience and since I need a new gaming rig). I sold my old PC to my cousin for relativily cheap.


Anyway I am looking to make a new gaming rig, one thats good enough to last for a good 2+ years.


Im a bit unsure about as to wether I want to overclock it (What if I do something wrong? Mess up the processor... No warranty eh?).


But otherwise, I wish to have a DFI motherboard (I had one for my last PC, 100% satisfyed).


I have a £500-£600/$900 - $1100 budget (Not including monitor).


Any advice as to what to get would be nice... :)

Its mainly due to all the new processor line-ups comming out I am confused as to what to get.

Also I want a 5.1 or better sound system, I want to upgrade gaming experience to

a new level :) So advice here would be nice ;)



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Budget Pwning:

Venice 3000+

Hitachi Deskstar see sticky

OCZ Platnium 2 gig

1 Tornado, 2 Panoflows


Any case with budget 60$

OCZ Powerstream 600 Watts

1 GeForce 6600 GT and or 7800 GT/ GTX


1x Logitech 530A 5.1 72 Watts.

If your in Florida, Ill put the Proc in for you, if you want, its not hard, but for someone that never did it, you may bend the pins.


Thats under 1 grand EZ, buy it you'' be satisfied, now what to do with the rest I'll tell ya lata ;).

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