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  1. I currently use a GameXtreme psu by OCZ tech, I am interested in Mushkin psu, I am aware of your success in the memory market. However I have not come across any of your PSUs. While I have no imediate need for a new psu at the present time. I would love to try out one of your psu's for the sake of comparison, and to make an educated decision on my next psu. This mutually benefitial, as I can promise an ubiased view, based on performanced, availability and price. I would like to create a formal review of the forementioned psu, detailing its performance as well as aesthetics. If Mushkin is interested please let me know. OCZ made a great transition to PSU's, I wish you guys luck as well. p.s Hey Where's my sig? lol
  2. System specs below, I put on Windows XP Pro SP2, and for some reason takes 20 seconds or so, on the Windows is starting up screen, then moves on to welcome. I had a couple BSODS, prior, I am assuming this is happening because I have alot of USB etc, connected to the computer, Anyone experience something simular?
  3. Peltiers are quite complicated, in setting up. Due to possible run off into the mobo etc. I don't recommend it unless you really know what you are doing. Gains are high if done properly, however heat dissapation must be very good otherwise like it was mentioned temps especially ambient will rise. 400 Watts of Peltier fun? What were you cooling lol? I used 200 watts, and though that was overkill.
  4. You guys have temp range for air yet? I am using standard for now, however would be interested in real life temperatures. I haven't started the build as of yet.
  5. Lol, your a card bro. GG, later.
  6. Yes, but that also encourages, people to sell coupons, which are free etc, and not meant to be sold really. Makes sense, but I prefer waiting instead of supporting illicit commerce .
  7. Ya I been to Slicker, XP etc, its that 30% coupon thats killing me lol, and I refuse to buy a coupon O_O. Guess I'll have to wait unless someone is willing to pass it down.
  8. Hey, Well I am upgrading, trying to look for best deals possible (given) Anyhow the monarch coupon for opty 165 was good, is there any more, or does it still work? Also I am looking for a Dell 30% or along that nature coupon, anyone recieved it thats not using it? PM it to me if possible. Know any irrisistable coupoons , let me know ! Later.
  9. PC1X1

    Update Time

    Would anyone have an ETA on the PSU's? Perhaps OCZ themselves may answer. I would definitely wait, assuming they hold the same standard of quality as did the PowerStream 600W. The Chipset, I am not particularly worried, both are topnotch, the Nf4, I owned for quite a while now, see sig. I seen Conroe performances, thus I agree, hence why I mentioned that, I will consider dual core again, only after Conroe hits full force. In my opinion AM2, is merely a sidestep, until they get K8L, K10 ready etc. I considered going Opty, but budget considerations, it will depend on how much funds I will have avaliable. Right now the 100-150$ range for procesors is more likely, unless someone wants to donate . I do alot of enconding, and gaming, however for the benefits, I believe will only show in an year or two, until a dual core is really necesary, once that becomes a reality then I will upgrade to dual core. If I spend 120$ now, means I can save the rest, when dual core really makes an impact. Thats my mindset at the moment. Budget is quite tight, university calling, and scholarships don't cover housing etc. I used the raptors before, very good, but a raided Hitachi can almost compete. Again its a price per benefit issue. For space, I use a external cluster, so space isn't an issue at all, all thats going on the harddrives are programs, data goes to the cluster. Mack, pretty much deadon, and your suggestions I considered prior, however I want to focus on cost per benefit. My goal is to run any 3D application, game etc, on highest settings, no FSAA, or AA, FF, I won't need them, as I plan to run on highest possible resolution.
  10. It's that time of the year to upgrade. I got a good idea, on the next build; however it's not finalized. So I wanted some input from the street. Alright, I pretty much narrowed to another DFI, most likely an Expert, or CFX3200-DR. Or maybe an Asus 8N Premium, or Abit (Pricewise) Though I am confortable with the DFI, and able to overclock it much easer now, me and SLi-DR understand one another . Anyhow, I need the budget to stay under 1500$ for phase one. I already have a case; Wavemaster, and all accesories and cables. Here's phase 1. 1. PowerSupply: I wanted another OCZ 600W, however I might have to step down to the 520w, or if anyone can recommend an alternative for not more than 145$ 2. CPU: This time, I think I am going to wait for the dual core after Conroe hits full force, new tech is inevitable, so I am sticking to a 1.8 ghz Venice, provide alternative if applies, price range: +/- 120$ 3. Motherboard 185$-240$ If I stay SLi, I am sticking with with GeForce 7xxx series, ATi, X1800, the new 512mb X1800XT looks hot, and nice price, I believe non crossfire though they have software crossing. 4. RAM 270$ Given, OCZ Platnium, same as before, provide alternative if you see fit. 5. Video Card Geforce 7 +/- 7800 GT, or 512 Mb X1800XT (selection on Gfx will also force mobo decision.) 6. 2x Harddrive 155$ Hitachi Deskstars Sata 0, alt? 7. DVD Burner 60$ Given......... Now monitor, I need one that is Widescreen, I was looking at the Sceptre Naga III, or if I blow the budget a Dell 24in W LCD. Later. Also provide good deals, and or coupons etc if you find anything. *Later
  11. Yes I must say you done a heck of a job Sarbs, competition is starting to get to another level. I am amazed at the speed that you pushing these renders, whenever you can spare some tips, let me know, we can chat . I use 3DS. I am in a little dilema, I lent my cd to a friend, and for some reason 3DS won't instal any longer. I am trying to get a replacement, but thats costing me time. Anyhow Let the battle of 3D comence, Love the George Foreman idea, I have one at home, I thought about it, but I was like it would never work! I was wrong heh! great job, Hope I can bring ya some competition , in any shape or form. I might have to resort to 2D if I can't get a replacement.
  12. OceanSeasforMe:Why is Morrowind Elder Scrolls III such a cool game ? Because you can kill people, steal their clothes, sell it to them, and they wear that dorky useless hat. Killing guards is fun! Why did I recently find a copy in the 100's of games I acquired and get addicted to it ? Boredom........ There's plenty of good games, however I find gaming used to be better back then, then now. Or maybe I am just playing 2D fighters for nostalgia . When and how do you beat the internet ? The internet has been beaten, I heard the boss is pretty hard though
  13. Momma: I played Diablo II, for years, raised 16 chars, I believe 6 of them to 99, back when I had more free time. All had stormshields, and their equivilant ultimate uniques, aka zon had windforce, sorc used winspike, although I had oculus, but I was PVP, I prayed for 1.10, to kill the hacked items, since I was legit, however they also killed the game in my opinion with incredibly overpowered runes, and killing leech etc, basically killing 1.09 competative pvp players. And my good old stash of 120 SOJs lol back when it was currency. Anyhow I would love a D3, however I highly doubt it, since the disbandment of Bliz North, Hellgate London looks promising, but dunno. My Diablo hopes are pretty much gone, and sicne D2, haven't played that type of game (DS i plated offline only), as well as my faith in blizzard dwindled. Their quality, and attention to detail is great, however making P2P, and going agaisnt the idea of B.net is what displeased me. Sure they need to make money, but still hehe, but I hate monthly fees. They limited Diablo I, to one channel, killed star craft, to stop the server lag, they limited amount of units further, which destroyed the good old Carrior massing etc, as well as other combos, which led to low unit massing again, and even that can't be done, I guess I got used to playing previously so its hard to change. SC was fun as well, had fun in early ladder, and vs kbk, but it was killed in my opinion as well. We can hope for a D3, but dunno doesn't look good heh, you can check out some good info www.diabloii.net. AG: Tylenol + Niquil + Headache = Dragon Flower International.
  14. Vector, I know what you were saying, and yes your point is valid to a good extent, however I don't see a problem in asking for some focus, as I tend to get off track easily . In the end, I think Ag has some valid points, as well as I think I have some valid points, and in some areas where we mutually disagree as well. @Vector great idea, I had a simular idea, on the first contest, but I lacked the skills necesary to get the job done, so good job. I am working on my own too, I tire of emulating other ideas, I will emply my own, which has to do with DFI, ull see it soon.
  15. AG: What made/led to the creation DFI-Street? ie inspiration, or necesity, how long has your brother been modeling and working for epic, and could you ask for any work from his demo reel if possible? Whats behind the name Dragon Flower International? Whats the fastest a DFI mobo has been recorded to run in the test lab? What's is the true quality difference between american capacitors, and japaniese capacitors, as DFI mentions, it uses superior 100% japanese parts. Is the DFI market greater here or in Asia etc? Momma: Aside from Dungeon Siege, 1, 2 which I also happened to have played, recently do you think the computer industry is lacking in inovation in the pc adventure series, simular to DD, or would you disagree and note a game you enjoyed recently. This question does not take MMORPGs into account, aside from them.
  16. The toaster joke, I heard way before I joined Street, and mods on toasters were done, whether on not that inspired the DFI toaster, I dunno, but I still think my point holds valid. Seems you half understood me AG, I don't want to get comments on every thing I do, I just don't get them at all, especially from you, Polar has 4 posts, and he got more responces from, I only got responces after I had to put TO: AG or respond here. Thats what I never liked, so I complained for lack of feedback, as there wasn't and pretty much there isn't. As far as not getting the feedback, sure no one likes to be told their work isn't good, thats not what bothers me. Its the fact ok so its not what your looking for, so what are you looking for? I used my imagination a couple times, we have a different thing imagined, so lets focus. Its not the contest that is bothering me, its submission after submission but I don't get anywhere, maybe its reflected on my skill on photoshop, or whatnot, however even so for me to learn from my mistakes, I need to know what they are in the first place. The patience comment, I dunno, I try to get things done in a timely manner, and make haste maybe I am rush sometimes, however for the most time, I think you just stereotyped it into me, for example my calculator thread, you told me not to spam the thread and have patience, and each post had months between each post. No one talks as much as me, because they either haven't submited many entries or noticed I am asking and just let me do the dirty work, and I do it because I want to get things done. All I want is to look at each of my submissions, and since our definition of cool, might be different, I need to know what your definition is, thats all I keep asking.................. I am ok with not accepting my ideas, thats fine. You can single me out any day you like, and ill repond in the manner which I think is apropriate, and If I find fault on myself or if I believe you are at fault, I will change it if me, if not Ill provide my rebuttle. Kcustom: Loved the sign, thats some good compeition right there. Right now I vote that one . This Thread will be used as a placeholder, I would email it to you AG, but you never respond to my emails, spam filter or else dunno? Bottomline: I don't mind the rejection, but since it is, all I ask is 5 minute reason on what can be changed etc, so I can get something worthwhile done. I am going to keep experimenting. My long paragraphs are only done, because they seem to be the only thing that gets anyone's attention. As far as not apreciated, I thought talking was the best way to resolve anything, so I will continue to do so as needed. I already barely come to street anymore, lol, must the sig, avatar thread also be unpleasent? Sure I bring it apon, trigger if it if you will, but thats because no one else does so : /,even people that had a simular concern, they just don't say anything, so I do, some chaos is needed for order. Thats all my issues in one, just address the botomline, and ill do a couple more submissions, and if it doesn't work out it doesnt work out.
  17. Well KK, just review all my submissions, as theres been (my suybmissions) overlooked, guess its time, to fire up Good old 3DS for real, going for one good final shot in the dark. Me and Polar are contemplating the next move, so y'all will soon find out . Toaster is original to some extent, its really a joke between late 80's-90's computer users on the future of computing, that next thing you know your toaster will be a computer. etc, its a play on computer culture. I did do a guitar render, sig photoshop thing a good while back, ultimately it became in vain, and no avail nor benefit to me. Although the 3D mobo sure was fun to do. So dunno what originality can be said to be, but theres one more shot to try. Only thing I ask users when judging is to consider the time taken to do something from the ground up, and to edit photos, up to now, I been doing originals, pretty much, and even though they arent spectacular they take a long time to do, I pretty close to give up on original work and just edit photos, because as I was speaking to Polar about it, seems 3 mins work is getting farther than hours, which is not dependent on anyone skill, but the end result. Ultimately I am debating that if with mere editing the chance to win is greater, than the ardurous original conceptual work, image editing is the way to go. Simply because the image editing is closer to what is demanded of this contest. Anyhow enough fun ranting! Tis only one analysis of multitiered goodness. Wish me luck on the next submission, as depending on how that goes, it will be one of my last complete original works, I am taking the easy[er] road on the others . BTW: AG look at previous post, yes yet another long fun rant to read, as it ties in to this one. Heres something for the fans, yes that one guy.
  18. I did read the first post, Read more THAN most people as I like to mention I am the one adhering to most of the contest size rules as well, but there was a thread on wallpapers too, Ace suggested it might go into contest, I guess it wont now. For the OCDB graphic, none of my submissions, except the first wallpaper were meant to be the OCDB graphic, I haven't gotten to that yet, while I don't think anything done was spectacular, its getting annoying/frustrating, because I am for the second time kick starting this contest, and with the ambiguity of the rules, I never make something that you want to use. So either I need specific guidelines or I dunno, because it gets anoying working for hours on something and its always a no, oh well, thats how it goes. I did the 3D mobo , and monitor a while back, didint get any feedback off those, so I never submitted 3D again. As 3DS takes hours-days to work, and for me to render the entire nightmare as fun as it was again, to be again in the situation I find myself on, would be quite displeasing. I like polars work, however I didint want to dabble in real life picture editing 1) I like things original, Polar's street sign is kewl, 2) however its off a picture off google images, which I was able to trace down. Mine modeled off that one, however I drew my own based on that, the pic above, is a drawing of a street sign. Avatars theres lots of them, I made like a million of them, with 3 notable ones, which I think are good, the mobo DFI one, and the comp/comp screen DFI one. My sig I thought was interesting, yet no feedback from anyone, etc, this is fun and all, however when I don't see progress going at all, and in vain then its frustrating. Regardless my stuff is going to be kept submited because I don't ever quit until a goal is accomplished or I am forced to quit, so I am going to try again, its the memory of the first OCDB contest is still reminicent, in the fact that I did so much work for it, revied it, was pretty much the only one who submited, all go to waste. I am not "worrying" about the rules or contest, what I am worrying is all the work to be in vain, and ignored with no purpose, as with no purpose there is no meaning in existance, then why would I bother trying to do it? Oh well, guess I like a challange.......... Look back from page one, I got a "google" amount of submissions going from 1-6
  19. Yes, problem is I have 3 wallpapers, that would face each other lolzz, so I would compete vs myself, skewing my votes. While doing that makes sense, thats the only problem I see. Its logical to put them vs each other regardless, but I think what I mean makes sense?
  20. br1229 great render, although you suffer from the same problem I do, we like shiny , but its hard to read, transperant rectangle on front, where its specs specs specs, Ace: I did place holders myself, in the begining, but then alot of people started posting, I guess we organize in the end? Also Ace I didint get the High Res DFI pics, can you send them again? Thx.
  21. Think needs work, is this remotely what you are looking for AG? Comments: Seems alright, needs to fix some stuff, please let me know what or how. The black sceme needs a fix, I can mirror, and transparent it later, to blend in. 1) Also quick question on how judging etc will occur. A poll would suffice, however for multiple submissions on the same catagory, by the same author, would skew his results due to the variability of each persons taste, in english, If someone likes Example A the best, but Example B, they think is more appropriate, and both are from the same author, instead of that author getting a vote, he will compete agaisnt himself. A more realistic situation, is if 2 democrats and a republican run, the 2 democrats will skew each others votes, while the republican will most likely win, because all republicans will vote for him. An idea would be to vote first by author, seperate on each catagory, then vote the best from the author? 2) Is the wallpaper in the contest too? I made 2 wallpapers up to know.
  22. User, your using my edited Street guy, I don't mind the flattery, however credit me with the original. I'll be submiting another wave shortly.
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