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Video card problems

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I know this isn't reall ythe right forum BUT the amd forums doens't seem to be working ATM, my problem IS my Geforce 4 MX 4000 (PCI) which AFAIK supports DX7 is not working with such games as HL2 and CS:S, I get an error message saying Ineed DX7 copmpatible hardware, so I switched the card from the top slot to the bottom slot (PCI remember) and rebooted and HL2 ran fine, FPS was a little low, I go to play today and BAM it doesn't work, I read somewhere that the PCI cards need to go though the northbridge (Did A64 get rid of the N or S bridge ?) Also I rummaged though the countless BIOS setting looking for something related, does anyone know how to remidy this problem ? again sorry if this is completly off topic right now ya'll are my only hope. :(



EDIT: Using the latest nVidia video card drivers.

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Why do I receive this error: "Failed to Set Video Mode" - Nvidia Video Cards




Why am I receiving the Failed to Set Video Mode error?




This problem was caused by the 77.72 Forceware drivers from Nvidia. Nvidia has recently released a new set of drivers that corrects this problem on XP/2k.


WindowsXP/2000 use this link:




98/95/ME users should rollback your drivers until Nvidia updates their drivers for your OS. You can download these drivers using the link below.





mm, only thing i can think of.

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