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+12v Line

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i had an allied powersupply 450watts(18a +12v line) well i was overclocking my barton but some times my machine would not post. so i decided to purchase a name brand ps. i bought a antec true 480(22a 12+ line) my +12v line is less than on my cheap allied. it ran at 12.16 on my allied and its running at 11.77 on the antec according to my mobo monitor that came with my mobo. i installed speedfan and it says my 12 line is at 10.4. why the difference if they are reading from the same sensor? also does it matter if you have a hardrive,floppy,three case fans on one set of cables coming from the ps? or should you try to evenly distribute them on the lines? like floppy,hardrive, maybe one case fan on one,then use another set for my 9800 and one more case fan. the reason why i ask is because i had 3 fans,hardrive,floppy all on one. well one of the case fans looked dimmer than the other 2. so i took off that one and put it on a seperate set with my 9800. now it looks the same as the others.(maybe im just seeing things)




come on,someone answer. posted this last night and nobody answered. im very new to building pc's. this is my first time building and it is about 6 months old. everything i have learned is from forums and maximum pc. and a little of tech tv. not in school. heck, i did not even have a pc until 4 years ago and it was a compaq presario bought from best buy with a geforce 256 and amd 600!! i had that one until january of this year. sold it for 50$ and used my income taxes to build this one. so every day i learn something new, like what not to do,ha hah. so please someone learn me!

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I always said if you want a psu dont just buy brand names of course thet have to be good(surge,short circuit protection and all) but this is not fashion like NIKE,some lesser known companies may have better stuff than antec or raidmax,enermax just check the lable and please dont go by the weight a thicker case may be heavier but it wont do sh.. for your pc stuff.As for distribution of stuff on power cables it dosn't matter as you can see in the pic of my clear psu box,all 12v, 5v, ground ae all on the same spot on the card,you can always check that yourself by removing the four screws of the ps card and looking under


Hope this helps a bit

PS dont be affraid to check for yourself when in doubt just remember where everything goes;)


PS. i'm running my rig out of a kingwin400w psu,i've plugged bare wires in molexes while pc is running shorted the da.. thing at least 30 times everything still runs as smooth as butter the one in the pic is a 350 (name? who knows) it's running all my light mods no need to say a lot of shorts too.Power never fluctuates.As i said Power supplies aren't fashion

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