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What is the Max HTT speed you have achieved?

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On the original BIOS I could not get over 260 HTT. On the 6/23 BIOS I am at:


2.4GHz, 6x multiplier, 400 FSB/HTT speed, 1.45V for CPU, 2.9V for memory, divider=1/2. :cool:


That is not my max CPU, which is 2.7 GHz (stable under Prime95) or 2.8 GHz (unstable P95, stable Far Cry).

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well, since I seen this, and seen that you had a very similar setup, I had to try.

So I've been trying and rebooting and trying (etc) for about an hour and a hlaf now. I can get in windows and run a benchmark or two, with a max HTT of 360. But my scores were slightly higher at my normal settings. Don't know if my HTT has maxxed out or if my cpu just don't like the lower multi's. I did lower the LDT/FSB multi too, and even adjusted my ram lower than normal using the dividers. Even with my cpu multi lower, 360 was about my max, and I'm even on the 6/23 bios.

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