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DFI Ultra DR +PC4700 DDR 550MHZ

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Hi new to AMD64 and DFI setup managed to get system up and running from

not doing anything bar blue screen of death 2 ram chips in orange slot 2 and 4 MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION error so in bios i changed the data strength setting from 4 to 1 and upped the voltage from 2.6v to 2.8v. thread

my ram is rated from 2.65v to 2.95v now runs with 2 x 512mb in both orange slots 2 and 4.now

but still crashes same message every so often mainly just before desktop appears.

Does not crash when up and running.

Runs battlefield 2 1280x1024 everything set to full no problem not shure how to set the ram timings in the bios or is it best left on auto ? to get it to run properly with my setup.

Reading threads i think iv'e brought the wrong ram lower cas rating 400mhz would been best think but would like to get this to work if im wrong.

all settings on auto at the moment. bar above

i have updated bios/g card driver mobo drivers ect to ver listed are they the best ones or do i need the latest 623 bios installed

any help would be great

Simon Jones

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Have you tried searching within these forums, or anywhere, for this? AFAIK this is nothing you can fix in the bios. Windows creates a log file that you can look up, and see exactly which hardware device is causing it. You'll have to then troubleshoot that device.

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