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PLZZZZZZ help read this i want to get my rig running

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ok well i just put together my new computer and i am having a little bit of problems

first off ..the standby led is always on..even in windows? this normal

plus isnt the comp supposed to beep or does this mobo not do a 1 beep to tell u everything is ok


next the hdd and power leds dont work...


and then finally wen i install my vga drivers after chipset drivers i reboot it was ok..i changed refresh rate to 75 hertz and the screen went wack (used the resolution on the same monitor) also it should switch back to default and it never went away

so i rebooted same thing! PLZ help i have reinstalled winxp and same shiz happend..

any suggetions before i proceed...like bios settings for the pci -express

plus i updated bios to 6-23 and ran memtest system was stable so far


thank you in advance

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Standby Light is always on


Need a speaker functioning in case or on board


Try reversing the HDD and Power LEDs on board


I always reboot after installing Chipset drivers (don't install SW/IDE) and then I load VGA drivers and reboot again.

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