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Asus P4P800se

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Trying to help a friend out with OC his Asus p4p800se. If anyone knows about this board could you please help out or if you know of a good forum likes this for Asus boards that would be great :)


As of right now i have it set at 15x240 @ 3.6ghz, 1.55v, but im having a problem with the dividers.... Is there only a 3:2 on this board?

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Ace you came to the rescue kool.


Ok specs....

P4 3ghz northwood .

Asus P4P800SE

2gigs KVR 4x512

350watt Thermaltake psu

the rest is basic...


Two questions really on this board... One is i cant seem to find a 5:4 divider, can only get 3:2 which is a real problem considering i have to use a divider because of the cheap dimms. So if i was to clock it at 240mhz with a 3:2 divider that would run the dimms at 160. I have been doing a little reaserch and seem to notice alot of people useing a 5:4 divider on this board which would leave me to believe that theres something im missing .


Question two... What settings in the bios should i disable or enable for better over all overclocking...


Any help would be great Ace.. :)

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What BIOS version are you using?


Is the Northwood a 800Mhz FSB part?


When you were comparing the overclocking results others were getting, did you notice whether they were using 2 or 4 dimms?


Things to set:


Located under Jumper Free Setting:


Make sure to lock the AGP/PCI bus to 66.6/33.3 respectively.


Under Advanced Chipset Settings:


Make sure Configure DRAM Timings By SPD is set to DISABLED which will make available manual adjustment of RAM timings.


Change the RAM timings to 3-4-4-8 just to be on the safe side.

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