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  1. In-N-Out is the best frickin burger ever.... All the meat is fresh and never frozen and all the fries are hand cut potatoes and never frozen either. Theres nothing like it in the world :nod: :nod: You can ask them to spread mustard all over the bun and then grill the bun with some crusty mustard on it man that some good stuff.... Look at the bottom of there drink cups??????
  2. No one gives two flying crap about your opinion!!!!!!!! Sorry for posting this in here.. I had to respond. :angel:
  3. O yeah technodanvan is definatley snorting extacy and hittin the clubs on friday lol :nod:
  4. Ok back on topic you losers.... J/K Heres a picture i call crusty lips. Heres one i like to call... Poster boy for midwest whit trash beer drinker.. I was only 18yr in this one. Heres me after smoking an once of weed in Saint Croix, driving in the back of some chics truck... Giving respect to the tibetan stupas...
  5. The best thing for insomnia is that bar you live across from TGM.... Just go there and do shot of Jager all night...
  6. Torch could you elaberate a little on the shaders.. Im not exactly sure what your saying..
  7. Im going to help build a friends rig and he has about $200 to spend on graphics card. This will be AGP and the chooses are as stated above.. Please help make make up my mind... Im building this rig for BF2...
  8. "If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
  9. Ok this is very easy to answer.... I spend most of my money on the ladies.... And more of my time with my computer. Seems to be working out ok, atleast for me.... Thats the way i like it!!!!! :nod:
  10. So are you overclocking that san diego? :nod:
  11. Very very nice work man you should work for EA and make battlefield 2 look like that, thats some crazy Detroit style organic tweek rendering lol..... Mad crazy skillz sarbz.. Nuff Respect goes out!!!!!!!!
  12. Umm well not exactly... I own a compaq presario (never mind my sig) I have absolutly no idea about anything, matter of fact my co-workers and friends consider me mildly retarded. I cant spell worth doodoo, most of my coments are either sarcastic of just jibberish. I wouldnt consider myself as metro sexual but i do shave the sack from time to time.... What is AG's method to his madness? Maybe we should ask him in the Ask Angry & Momma thread
  13. @ inquisitor So how would you feel about donating your old rig to the VectorTensor needs new rig foundation of Denver. Tax deductable i think :nod:
  14. The guitar was the first print, it needs to be smoothed out a bit. Working on a uv OC'ed goalie mask for the avatars (so scary) lol, and have a great idea for the review street header...
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