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Windows 8.1 Glitches

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Posted 06 July 2013 - 05:51 PM

I have documented a few glitches in Windows 8.1 and wanted to see what others might have found. For diagnosis the glitch was testing in a basic install with the 8.1 update, a clean install with 8.1 being installed before any other software and then in a Windows 8.0 install fully updated.


1) YouTube Video flicker: I have found a number of YouTube videos that have a white flicker around their edges, much more pronounced when full screened. This issue BTW is not seen when using Chrome.


2) Mediaplayer video flicker: As with the YouTube flicker I have found a number of my videos will have a white flicker to them when viewed in Mediaplayer or the Windows 8 movie player. This issue disappears when use VLC player in Windows 8.1


3) Vengeance 2000/1500 Sound Issues: With Windows 8.1 these headsets will not make use of their Dolby sound options nor does anything but 2.0 sound work.


4) Company of Heroes 2 Compatibility Mode: This issue is not just in 8.1 and has been seen in even Windows 7. However the fixes that work in other OS does not work in 8.1.


I have been able to successful reproduce the above in every install of Windows 8.1 and they vanish in straight Windows 8.


Seems 8.1 has some under the hood changes ....

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Posted 06 July 2013 - 06:37 PM

yes on under the hood changes ed,

i did the regular 8.1 upgrade on my win8 gamer rig after completing a full backup .iso  (for when the trials are over) and  have not done any structured testing. We are in our busy season at work, so i haven't had time to sit down and formally go thru OS to see what's different, but i have played a few games on steam in win8.1.  like so many others, i have liked the easier transitions between metro and desktop, and the new added start window button options, which speeds up access to different functions within the GUI. Like i said, i haven't done the testing, but the win8.1 feels much snappier and and responsive to me, it has a quickness that i can't define in words, but have a gut feeling about.


 On the other hand, 8.1 (Blue) seems pretty much the same as win8 on the outside, meaning the OS setup/styling is pretty much win7, with win8 overlaying it all.


what's different about this ?

not much...


i have noticed some control problems in steam, primarily Metro Last Light, where my mouse is unavailable when choosing my options, and I'm obligated to go to the keyboard to select what I want to do, but i presume that is just because it's a new OS and not everything is up to speed yet.

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 07:43 PM

I also noticed that the browser also has a few bugs that need to be updated. If I keep thinking about it I just might close this browser window... oh wait I'm on Windows 7. let us know when it's worth switching over!

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