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    Steam Daily Deals

    I really hate the idea of daily sales. There's nothing special about these sales. It's like the retailing business needs more clever marketing schemes. Booo
  2. encl0sed

    PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    I don't think I'll be buying Sony again. Sad but true. Some sort of nationalistic urge in me to never buy foreign... lol. If I could I'd buy both the Xbox and PS. But chances are I'll get none, PC Gaming for life
  3. encl0sed

    Xbox One

    How much longer do I have to wait!!!! I want to play
  4. I can't tell if that lady is real or virtual, its scary, but also super nice. Props on the hard work to that guy. I wonder if he can do some work for me
  5. I will battle you all in BF3. You, me and a chopper please. I love tv guided missiles. On a side note I miss bF2
  6. I see we have some hand models here on the forums. Keep up the good work and keep those hands lotioned up. Zoolander would be proud. Sorry off topic but I couldn't help it.!
  7. Don't go with the ATI, I regretted going that way. Get a nice NVidia card and be off with their heads in Bewitcher
  8. Well, I've used G.Skill in the past and I really remember the cool design it came with and the stickers too. I put them proudly on the side of my case.
  9. I drool at the thought of running an i7 processor. Props to you on making the smart move! I'm still running an i5..
  10. Are you serious about there not being a hidden process if you're an admin user?? I've always been an admin user for my PC and it would be scary to think there's some botnet stuff that I'm not aware about
  11. I also noticed that the browser also has a few bugs that need to be updated. If I keep thinking about it I just might close this browser window... oh wait I'm on Windows 7. let us know when it's worth switching over!
  12. After using Windows 8 for a while, I also went back to Windows 7. There were a few annoying bugs. It would be nice if an operating system just ran right out of the box nowadays.
  13. I agree, it has to be photoshop. Or else they started using glass for the cover of the CPU
  14. I personally have no reason to believe it isn't possible. There have been stranger things... -.-
  15. Nice setup you have there of your PC. If it were any cleaner I'd pay you to clean my place up, ha. Lookin' good
  16. This car sounds like a beast!
  17. Well, I like the part where Stalin removed Trotsky from pictures that he was in with the other guy..... If he can do it... so can I. Now to remove exes from pictures that I really like...
  18. I have a blue and silver Haro mountain bike and the trails here in Surrey, BC are awesome. Always a local park to ride into when its not raining or some of the larger parks for the long cruises.
  19. Looking at that picture really really makes me unhappy.
  20. Haha to the poster above. I really dislike those little critters. I can usually find those suckers outside the home my girlfriend lives at. Definitely a nuisance at night.
  21. Hi, seems like you figured out the specs issue as you have the sig under your posts, good rig.
  22. Hello Brooksy, welcome to the forums!
  23. Here's my "ride," what do y'all think?
  24. Now what a fascinating description of blue. I will now put on my blue Vancouver Canucks shirts and drive in my blue convertible all the way down to your blueberry farms and slap you upside down until your blue blood oozes out... hold on... there's a twist. Blood is only blue while in your veins.
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