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NF4 ultra-d Voltage problem

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I needed to know what is the ATX 12v vlotage supposed to look like in the bios. Im having some problems and i think there due to power. I cant oc this rig a bit. My atx 12v voltage is currently 11.89 v and sometimes drops to 11.83v. Is this normal? Shouldnt i be on the low 12 side? What are your specs?

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No way. ATX 2.0 specs call for +/- 5%. Low would be 11.4V or 12.6V. Those are your limits.


11.89 is very good. My old Antec SmartPower 1.0 gave me 11.89 despite a heavily loaded rail.


My Seasonic 600W gives me 11.77 on idle on my old rig. Even if I loaded it, I doubt even half the wattage would be used =P.


By the way, make sure you're measuring with a voltmeter, and not using software readings. Software readings are totally inaccurate and can be WAY off. Software tells me I'm at 11.65 while my voltmeter reads 11.77.

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