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Wierd problem

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Finished clean win xp sp2 (spanish) install...

then, nforce drivers...

everything ok

catalyst 5.7, restart machine... can't do it past xp boot logo.

only starts on "safe mode" or as soon as I remove the darn catalyst suite (through safe mode, of course)


Happened with cat 5.7, 5.6 and the 4.11 that came on my radeon's CD


any hint?

did someone have this same problem?


fortunately win2k3 continues to work allright... on cat 4.11. anything newer and the thing won't make it to the log on screen.




Hitachi drive has win2k3 installed. It's not the default boot drive now

Maxtor drive has winxp sp2. Default boot drive.


I didn't allow the install of dual boot stuff, when I want xp or 2k3, I just change the boot order through the boot menu after POST.

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I dunno much about Radeons, but do they use signed drivers? Also, this may be unrelated and totally offside, but does your TV card work fine? I ask because I ordered a Leadtek TV card for a friend with a Gigabyte mobo. He couldn't get the darn PC installed right till he took the TV card out. I then directed him to ask the supplier for help and they said they'd also experienced some compatability issues between the Leadtek card and NF4. ...hmmm, ignore that last bit of my note, I just read the article and apparently your card is deemed 'safe' to use. :D


Goto http://www.rectron.co.za then click support(spanner) and click technical tips. ;)

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