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Some advice please amigos

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Sorry to do another "what should I buy" thread, but I've never been so stumped in all my life :confused:


So AG and friends steered me right a couple of years ago when I picked up my Mobile Barton and some BH-5 and I'm hoping you can all do the same again now.


My Gainward 6800GT GS cost me more than a bit not so very long ago so I'd really like to keep using it, but I guess it can be ebayed if I have to. I am not considering changing RAM, these BH-5 still memtest well over 250 no problems.


So; 754 or 939? I kinda had my eye on a 3700 sandy.


If i go 754 the Mobo is obvious, if I go 939 and stay with my AGP card then I have to become a beta tester on that new one, if I go PCI-E then it doesn't really matter which board I get out of the three.


Am I right in assuming my Antec True Blue 480 isn't going to work on any 939 platform? How about my SLK-947 will it bolt to the 754 board???


I don't want to trade down on any current performance ie. no 6600s etc I'd also like a CPU and Mobo I can play with and tweak higher than the 2.5GHz wall of the barton.


Got a top budget of about £650 if I sell the Gainward, but as always I could always do with some of that cash elsewhere. I really feel like this next upgrade is more of a "tidy me over" than the new "hot ." keep thinking that something worth buying is just round the corner but it hasn't arrived and now I have to replace the NF2 and the MobileBarton :(

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