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Hitachi SATA2 Issues

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My 1st post here...


after reading how to setup my 1st DFI board correctly & clock it I have run into a slight problem:


I setup my system with my new SATA2 250GB Hitachi drive & enabled the 3G settings using the tool no problems. However, I seem to have run in to problems sometimes when I reboot the machine it doesn't get into windows xp & goes through a continuous BSOD reboot cycle. I am able to go into xp in safe mode ok or everything is OK once I do a Ghost restore. I have had these issues at stock settings & overclocked. The only way this stops happening is if I reset the harddrive to 1.5G speed. I ran mestest, Prime95 & checked the HDD for errors & everything is OK.


Just wondering if anyone else with a similar setup had encountered the same problems & had resolved them?



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