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Installing Windows XP 64 problems

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I have attempted to install XP 64 on my system but the following occurs:


The installation completes successfully and I am able to start windows.

I install Nforce drivers for XP 64 without any problems and choose all options(except for firewall software) XP 64 does not recognize my sound card (SB Live! 5.1) or my videocard(x800xl) or my graphics adapter(PCI-E). When I start to install catalyst 5.4 for XP 64 I get halfway through and then the screen goes blank. When I reboot and try to restart XP 64 the screen goes blank and windows will no longer load whatsoever. Has anybody seen this before and can you offer a solution....thanks...I would love to be able to Farcry with the new XP 64 patch. :confused:

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