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I've had this problem with my board in windows XP Pro SP2 for quite some time now


Problems like:


1) Mouse locking up for split seconds (not major but annoying)

2) BSOD's caused by http.sys

3) some websites loading slow

4) nForce firewall not working properly when you want to allow a program


I have tracked allllll these problems down to the http.sys file strangely enough

MS recently updated the http.sys file and so anyone doing windows updates may have simaller problems, i know my machine as well as an almost identicle computer i sold to a customer had simaller problems. Microsoft has apparently either on purpose (i know i know) or inadvertently cause problems with most firewalls except the windows firewall... is this on purpose or not ? who knows... i dont' care as long as i can still use my computer. anyway enough rambling etc


**Note: If your using Upnp devices on your network you may or may not need this service, MOST people will not require this service to be running, but if your not sure it's probably best to ask someone before turnning this service off. Stopping this service should not affect if your computer will Boot or not so if it causes problems simpley restart the service and for now wait till MS releases a new http.sys file.



Start -> Run


TYPE: services.msc


Click OK


scroll through the list untill you find a service called


SSDP Discovery Service


the status should say it's Started and it's Startup Type should say Manual

Double click it



change the Startup type to Disabled and then click the Stop Button


Restart your computer and this should fix most networking issue's you are having.

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