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NF4 Motherboard and DRAM Voltage Problems

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I recently purchased 4x512 TWINmos AA4t memory chips. After reading some posts about how to get low timings set on the chips, I set the DRAM voltage jumper to 4.0v, added a fan to cool both the RAM and the mosfet, and proceeded to configure the chips to run at DDR 400 2-2-2-6 2T timings. I left everything else on Auto including the FSB, LDT and CPU.


After running memtest several times, I was able to get passes on all tests for several hours running at 3.3v. I then booted into windows and with smartguardian opened I launched Prime95 to test for stability. After monitoring the guardian while running Prime95 I noticed an increase in chipset temperature after the first pass at around 55c. I figured that was normal from what I've read about the thermal pad on the chipset being inefficient.


Soon after I went to bed and left Prime running. After a few hours I woke to find the computer frozen. I did a hard boot and proceeded to look at the bios, but the boot screen would only show the CPU and would hang before showing the RAM. I then powered off system, unpluged cord, and reseted CMOS. When I powered back on the splash logo came up but I still couldnt enter bios, the screen would just hang there.


After serveral resets, I finally was able to get into bios. After looking at all the settings I noticed that I could no longer set DRAM voltage past 3.2v. I then powered down the system and jumpered the DRAM voltage back to 3.2v, powered back and after several resets was finally able to get into bios again. I Optimized Defaults and booted into windows(abeit after several resets). Now windows is completely unstable and would BSOD randomly after a few minutes.


I've tried many things: Re-flashed the bios(3.10), increased voltage settings on CPU, LDT, Chipset. Tested the RAM using memtest with all passes on each slot 1 at a time. Tried different DRAM (old PDP Patriots I had). Tried re-installing windows to no avail. Tried removing thermal pad on chipset and adding thermal grease. I'm pretty much out of ideas and 4.0v jumper no longer works.


Please help


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