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As you might know i have had som problems with my mobo and cpu. However you all help me soo fast and you are soo nice i just want to thank you! Just in case your wondering yes this is my first comp. assembly and OC. And I also am only 15


Now to my problem. I am having trouble getting a stable OC with my 3400 Clawhammer. Right now i have it OCed .1 ghz above normal and it barley is stable. I have tried messing with almost everythin this bios has to offer. I also have spent countless hours reasearching it all. My temps are low thanks to my TI Venus. Right now my CPU idles at 26.0, and is at about 38.1 under full load. My ram is cooled by vantech ram heat dissapators. Please any tips for OCing and tweaking. please ask any questions you feel are needed! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Already posted in amd section this is a repost .


Blaine AKA Bgone-i wish!

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