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Athlon xp 3200 System won't boot up.

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I had amd athlon xp2200 1.8 GHz that worked just fine.

CPU clock speed was 133 MHz

DRAM voltage was 3.0 (because I had 3 sticks and had to up the voltage)


I wanted to upgrade. I used the xp3200. After I installed it, my computer just sat there at the boot up screen where you can hit delete to enter the bios. So I hit delete and I changed the CPU clock speed to 200 MHz. When it restarted it then found my 3200. After a day I was watching movie and my computer restarted. It asked me if I wanted to start in safe mode and I did but the computer just kept on restarted after windows tried to load. I would reset the bios over and over and keep on changing the configurations. Nothing. Sometimes it would say "Operating system failed to load." Now I have the bios set the default settings. I even tried putting my old processor back in with the settings that it had, but I was getting the same results then too. So now I have my athlon xp 3200 back in. The problem was is that I did not know how to configure the bios settings to work with the athlon xp 3200. Any suggestions?

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