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Fs: A64 3200 Dtr


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THIS IS SOLD AS OF 1/2/05 :)




Hi all..


I have a 3200 DTR for sale.. The only reason im selling it is cuz I just upgraded to a incredible 3400Mobile so I dont need this cpu anymore.. :)


Its in perfect condition and Ive had it clocked to 272x9=2448mhz with 1.72vcore totally prime and 3d stable.. It was cooled with a slk948 and a 92mm tornado, so the temps at load NEVER passed 42-43c..But most of the time load was @ 41c since its been cold out.. Its only about a month old and I originally paid $208. from the egg.. currently the newegg price is $192.00..


$ 160.00 shipping included to anywhere in the US..

Money orders or bank checks only..


Pics and stepping info will be posted tonight when im home from work..


My Heatware is THunDA








Its still available.. price drop too..

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Ok here are some pics.. sorry about the quality of the cpu pic but I had to rush camera batteries where dying..:) Also there is a pic of it being primed at 245*10.. its the only one I could find and its from before I started running it 272*9..







Also there is a price drop to $160 shipping included.. :)




still available

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