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Weird Restarts??

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While runnig memtest while I'm at work the last few days I would notice over lunch break that the wall time was not correct and assumed for some reason my rig rebooted and started up again. No big deal as I've been running all the tests lately because test 5 was showing clean but occassionally test 3,4, and 6 showed errors at 2.1Mb. I was running 8*247 1.8Vc. The only system change I've made is finally getting my fortron 530. Here's where Im confused though. Last night after work(at 2AM) I started my rig up turned on MBM5(I don't auto start it w/windows) and started up GOPrime before going to bed running 10*240 but I upped the juice from 1.900 to 1.925 to see if that helps stability. I didn't getback to my rig until about 10:30 or 11 and Prime is running but for 1hr someodd minutes??!! MBM is up on the desktop so I check my high/low log and it claims readings from 9 something AM??!! It seems that not only did my computer reboot(or something) but restarted my progs??!! My Prime log showed prime failed about 6AM sometime so between that time and 9 something either restarted my rig or was started by a ghost or Prime started itself and MBM5 reset her log?? Confused to say the least. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated in this mystery. Thanks guys

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