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Come In And Check Out My Build, First Time Overclocking


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First off hello everyone. I just built a computer for the first time the other day, and overclocked it thanks to the knowledge available in this forum. I am posting here for anyone to critique and offer further advice on parts I may have overlooked. First off I will list the base parts I purchased followed by the overclocking.


NZXT case with 6 fans

Silverstone 750w PSU

EVGA 780i motherboard

E8400 wolfdale cpu 3.0ghz

Corsair 2x2gb mem sticks 8500 speed 5-5-5-15 2.1v base

2 BFG 8800 gts in SLI, overclocked to 625 version

320gb seagate hard drive

Philips dvd burner/reader

Windows Vista 64 bit


Now what I did with the overclocking was:

FSB to 1600

CPU 400 with a multiplier of 9 (all the voltages I left on auto, the cpu volts are 1.32) Making it 3.6ghz

Turned ram down from the shipped speeds to 400(x2) and put the timings at 4-4-4-12 1t with the voltage still at 2.1 manually set (they needed up higher, without them that high I got a weird beeping in the bios and would not continue)

I linked and sync'd the FSB with the ram( I think this is 1:1, which I was going for)


Do you all think this is good? Any way to improve what I did? I have been reading about the ram and how some compare the speeds to lanes on the highway with the timings being the speed limit. Would I see improvement if I upped the ram speed and FSB or is it good as is with tight latency timings? I am very pleased with the performance and framerates as is although constructive critiscm is welcome!

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