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Asking For Help Guidelines


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Here are some guidelines to help you find answers, as well as to help others answer your questions.


In addition to these guidelines, all post should adhere to the OverclockersClub Forum Rules.

    1. When posting a new topic, ensure the subject line and sub line relates to the question being posted and not "Help Me!!", "Newbie here", etc..
    2. Include all information that may be required for the OCC members to troubleshoot your problem. The more information you provide, the easier it is for others to help. Some examples of things to include are:
    • Operating System & Service Pack
    • Hardware Specifications
    • 'Exact' Error Message(s)
    • What You Have Tried So Far
    • What The Last Thing You Did Before The Problem Occurred
    • What You Were Doing When The Problem Happened

    3. Submit your question only once in the most appropriate forum that relates to the content of the question being posted. If you are unsure what forum to post in, ask. Do not post help topics in the general forum; help topics found there will be subject to deletion.


    4. If posting multiple (unrelated) questions in the same thread, it is suggested you split the questions into separate threads so each can have a proper and relevant subject.


    5. Please Search the OCC forums for previous threads on the subject of your question by using the forum "Search" link located at the top of every page, or by using the link provided below. There is a very good chance that your question has been asked and answered here once or twice before.


    6. For best results, post your topic in the most appropriate forum. This means, keep hardware topics in the hardware forums, and software topics in the software forums. Posting in an inappropriate place may only get your topic locked, moved, or deleted.


    7. Check out the FAQ threads. - To help members better, we've added many FAQ topics to various forums. Check these out before asking a question.

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