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The Warning System


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For those of you that can't seam to locate the threads about the warning system that has been implemented.


For several months now, a warning system has been in place that only the moderators could see. When someone violated a rule, that person got warned. Before the warning system, we basically had a policy that was similar to the "three strikes and you're out" law. Now, you get up to 10 chances.


Under your avatar you will see your warn level. Only you and the staff can see this.


This represents how many times your account has been warned. 0% means you have not been warned, and it increases in increments of 10% for each warning. For certain situations, your warning level may be increased by more than 10%, for example warez post will usually earn you an automatic 90% warning. When your warn meter reaches 100%, you will be banned from the site. To keep things simple, the warning system only uses increments of 10%.


As your warning level increases features and areas of the site will be disabled to you. Some of the items implemented already are:

- 30% - Members lose any custom title they have

- 50% - Members lose folding banner

- 100% - Member is banned


Click on the percentage number to get a description of why you were warned, and who warned you. - See the image for an example.


The warning system is a two way street. It'll move up towards 100% for breaking rules, and it'll move down toward 0% for active participation around the site, and for being helpful. If it reaches 100%, you've run out of chances, and will be banned. The system cannot go above 100% or below 0%, and moves in at least 10% increments.


Also, the warning system is not based on time. It is based on actions and activity. If you want to get your warning level lowered, the only way to do so is to be helpful, be active, and follow the rules.


You may be warned for your actions in the forums, news comments, case gallery, and any other place that the OCC rules apply.


You should not beg any staff members to lower your warning level. Doing so will likely have your warning level increased.

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