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OCC Market Place Forum Rules


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Rules For Posting


1. No FLAMING. No THREAD CRAPPING. Period. It is very rude and will NOT be tolerated. Keep your posts on topic in the Market Place Forum. If you think a seller has their item(s) inappropriately priced, please contact the seller directly through Private Message. Do NOT post in their thread.


Rules For Selling or Trading


1. If we are contacted by any member here being a: con, bad trader, troll, scammer, etc.. we reserve all rights to turn over any and all information about this member to any law enforcement authorities and/or any individuals that we desire. Don't like it? Then don't sell, buy, or trade on our forums.


2. You must be a member for 90 days and have no less than 50 posts prior to selling, buying, or trading.


3. When selling, all products need to have a price. "Make offers" is not allowed.


4. NO price checks (ie. How much could I get for this?)


5. When possible, please do not make more than one thread. Keep all of your stuff for sale in one thread only.


6. Repeated bumping of your thread, will not be tolerated. You may bump your thread every day or two, but excessive bumping will have your thread removed.


7. Software Rules:

A. We have a zero tolerance for pirated software. In the event that you sell pirated software on our site, all identifiably and personal information about you WILL be immediately turned over to the authorities.

B. You may NOT sell or trade academic or NFR (Not for Resale) software.

C. ALL OEM software must be sold/traded with a piece of hardware as per the OEM software TOS states.

D. You may NOT sell or trade beta accounts, game accounts, game characters, or any other type of entity that you do not physically own.

E. You may NOT sell or trade CD Keys without the original disks or CD(s).


8. Bidding off items is strictly forbidden.


9. You may post links to an Ebay auction only if you meet the requirements of rule 2 above.


10. You may not link your thread to another web site where your products are being sold. (Exception Ebay)


11. You may NOT sell services such as but not limited to: web hosting, game servers, email, ect.


12. No commercialized selling will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to: dealers, vendors, resellers, and wholesalers. If you have a good deal you wish to provide our members, please post the deal in the OCC Market Place - as long as it is not blatant advertising by a third party.


If you are interested in advertising, please see the advertising page under the "About" section of our main site.

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