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Motherboard Specs

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I'm getting ready to build a new computer, but I haven't followed the new products for about 4 years now, and as you know, lots has changed.


I'd like to know if the PCI2.0x16 slots will still run a PCIx16 or not?

Will DDR3 standard boards still support DDR2?

(I would like to be able to upgrade as I get more money and be able to keep the same motherboard. I would like to have a motherboard that supports PCI2.0x16 and DDR3, but initially use PCIx16 and DDR2 until I have more money.)


Also, are there any motherboards that ship with Wolfdale support, or do they all require a BIOS update at this point? (I plan to purchase an E8400)

What are considered high end northbridge chipsets, like top 3 to 5 chipsets?

Is there a certain brand of motherboard that provides higher reliability and better customer service? (I'll be taking this computer to college and will need few breakdowns and quick fixes as time will be limited)

I plan to do some tinkering with overclocking, which board makes this easiest? (the ASUS ROG boards look good)


Thanks for any help, it's pretty tough to get back into computers after taking that long of a break, so much has changed. If you have any other pointers for me or places to refer me to, I need all the help I can get.

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