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need help finding a mobo

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Ok, a friend is building a computer

Motherboard, RAm, Processor, videocard for around 750 bucks

he has two options,

1. Go old PCI EX tech or

2. Go with PCI EX 2.0


On either one he is going with

Intel Q6600

AMD HD3870

and 2 gigs of ram

if he goes old tech it would be 2 gigs of 1066 mhz, new tech with 800mhz ram


so now the question is, whether to go old or new tech, and which motherboard doyou recommend in each case?

he is not interested in overclocking he just wants a good and stable motherboard.

on the old PCI tech for about 100-130

and new one well around 250


any help is appreciated


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