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AMD X2 4200+ (Windsor Core)

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Hi All


This is my baby rig (My girlfriends uni computer) and im getting a similar system built for my main rig, now im wanting to overclock this one alittle, just to get a feel for it and see what i can get out of it.


first the specs:

CPU-Z and Nvidia NVtune


- AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (Windsor Core @ 2210.3 (In CPU-Z))

- Asus M2N32 Sli Deluxe Wireless Edition (nForce 590 with Phoenix Bios Version dated 06/27/2006)

- 1024mb DDR2 PC2-5300 (333mhz) Kingston RAM (timings of 5-5-5-15-20

- Gigabyte GeForce 7600GT 256mb DDR3 (Core Clock @ 602Mhz Memory Clock @ 1.48ghz) (ForceWare Version: 93.71) (BIOS version:

- 500w PSU



Using Probe II


- CPU:

Idle 39c

Stress 52c



Idle 41

Stress 49


- Video:

Idle 50c

Stress 55c


Currently it sits at 2.2ghz, now im wondering would it be safe @ 2.5ghz, i've done all the tests but i seem to ge getting too unstable any plans of attack esp those using similar CPU & M/B cofigs


just let me know if you need more info happy to provide

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Guest ecthlipsis

You have stock cooling on the processor, don't you? I'd be careful with overclocks if you are, as it's already running a bit warmer than I'd like.


Just push it up a bit more in your BIOS and then stress-test it with Prime 95 and Orthos. If it can survive an hour of Orthos it can take pretty much anything. If all goes well, push it up a bit more, etc. Just monitor those temps, and don't push too far, especially on stock cooling.


Also, try lowering the ram timings in the BIOS... 5-5-5-15 is really bad latency for 5300 ram... at least go for 4-4-4-10.


Read the FAQ's on this site for more info.

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finally someone replies!


ok i'll try that thanks i've been using Super Pi to test and if its at 2.4 it wont finish 1mb! so i think i'll drop it down to 2.35 and see how i go thanks for the info

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well im having a little more luck!


i've played around in the bios more and now im at 2.453Ghz stable and i've fixed my cooling problem (one of the fans wasn't connected right)


so now my cpu at idle is 24c - 29c

under stress its max is 48c


here are my specs now: (see the uploaded CPU-z HTML page)


really happy about the ram 4-4-4-9-21-1t (i think i can improve here) but i did run a memtest+ from dos (latest version and it went through the tests no problems)


the only other question i have is if i install Win XP Pro will it be better rather than running XP home?




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