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Possible upgrade.


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Okay people, so here's the deal. My motherboard is dieing, so i need a new one. However, right now I have an x700pro agp, and an amd 3000+. Ain't top of the line, I have to admit, but it works for what I do. Now anyways, i obviously need a new motherboard, but with shipping to canada being considered, I can not find any decent agp/939 motherboards. So I guess I should buy a new motherboard paired with a new video card, eh? I want to stay 939 (my memory, and my money), and a 3000+ is enough for me.

I have 2x512 sticks of ram which is also good (enough). PSU is fine, as is everything else. Basically, I guess I need a new 939 motherboard with a decent pcie videocard. My price range would be... Around 250 dollars if it's possible. This might be my last ever upgrade, so don't mind upgradability(?).

OC-friendly motherboards are a plus, but right now money is outweighing it.


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