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Laptop BIOS Problem


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Hello everyone,


I have a Problem with my laptop BIOS. It takes about 30 seconds to start up and to get into the BIOS settings. Its by Phoenix Technologies But the vendor is Acer and Revision 3A43. This problem started about a week ago and today I Finally got annoyed at it for taking forever to start up so I decided to do something about it. So I Flashed it using WinPhash (no Floppy) which did made it start up normally once, but then went back to the problem . So i shutdown my lappy and removed the RAM put it back in same effect started up normally once and went back to taking 30seconds to start. I then tried to see if it was the operating system taking forever to load so i popped in my Knoppix Live Disk no effect. Does anyone know a solution to this problem or even what the problem is any help would be greatly appreciated.



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