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Selling Full Danger Den High Performance Setup


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I bought everything here brand new a little over a year ago to build my first water cooled p4 rig. Everything worked flawlessly and performed well the entire time I've owned it. Over the past month I built a new 939 based rig and used this equipment and modded a new case for everything accordingly. I mounted the radiator on top of the case, with tubes running down in, pump mounted inside, it all turned out very nice and works great. I have pictures of my old rig with all of the equipment used but I don't yet have pictures of the new setup, being that I only finished it about a week ago. I decided that I'd like to try my luck building a heavily modded air cooled and I have to sacrafice the water cooled setup to do so. Each piece of the system was purchased brand new by me from dangerden, and the components are as follows:


Dangerden RBX cpu block (I have 2 lucite tops, one for 478 and one for 939, both with fittings, accelerator plates included, brand new o ring just installed)


Dangerden Maze 4 gpu block (blue anodized, new o ring and extra fitting included)


Black Ice Extreme II Radiator (dual 120mm, black, 2 120mm 80 cfm aluminum fans included)


Eheim 1250 pump (300+ gph)


Dangerden clear single 5.25" bay reservoir


I took very good care of everything here. The whole system is 1/2". Every item is in 100% perfect brand new condition. Both blocks were lapped to 1500 grit, for a very nice finish. The only flaws on any of the items for sale is in some places on the radiator the black paint has very slightly chipped off where the 120mm fans mount to it on one side. This doesn't affect performance in any way whatsoever, is not at all noticable with fans mounted, and could be easily touched up if wanted.


I'm sorry if there are certain componenets someone needs individually but I would like to sell everything together as a system. I'll also include the tygon tubing and plenty of dangerden's amazing little hose clamps that have worked wonders for me, quick and easy setup with no leaks at all. Seeing that I'll have no use for it, I'll also include the green UV dye water additive to the buyer.


Attached are the pictures of how everything was set up as of about 2 weeks ago until I redesigned and put it all in a new case. The case is a brand new aerocool aeroengine 2 in black, all set up for this water cooling system with the radiator mounted on top the case, and a fan modded into the side panel behind where the cpu sits for better cooling behind the mobo. Brand new case, very nice features, removable mobo tray as well. I'd be willing to include the case with the system at a very small extra cost, being a 70 dollar brand new case already modded for this water cooling setup, it would be a good deal. If interested and would really want to see pictures of how it is set up now please PM me and I'll try my best to get something up asap.


If purchased brand new, everything here would cost well over 300 dollars.


I'm asking 200 for everything.


PM me if interested, and for more information about the aerocool case to go with it if interested as well. Thanks!

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