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win98 network problems

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i am running a household network with 2 win98se computers, sharing an internet connection.  the client computer (the one i am using!) gets disconnected from the network at seemingly random times.  i have found no consistency with when this occurs or why.  


it's really annoying because i have to restart, not just log-off, to get it to work again (especially annoying when you're surfing).  


one thing i have noticed is that any existing connections, such as AIM or any current downloads, will stay connected indefinitely.


i can provide any info you may need to help me!  for the basics, i can tell you i've tried everything from reinstalling the network components, to reinstalling windows itself on both computers!  i am running client for microsoft networks on tcp/ip and use file and printer sharing.


Please help!  i will be eternally grateful....

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