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Help! Oc'ing Cpu, Without Oc'ing Ram?


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i have got:


AMD 2100 XP

Corsair DDR400 2,3,3,6 @ ddr333 2,2,2,6 , 512MB

Gigabyte ga-7vaxp mobo


When i raise the cpu fsb the ram runs faster too, which slows down the pc

and i get worse results on 3d mark 2001.

is there any way of locking the ram at its current speed and then

overclocking the cpu without increasing the speed of the ram?

I tryed putting the ram at 400 but that decreases the performance because

ram is too fast for the cpu (out of sync). 333 is not at the same speed as

the cpu (cpu-133 ram-166) but it is quicker than if i put it to 266.


Is it worth trying to put the ram to ddr266 and the timings to 1.5,2,2,6?

Would that be safe?

Would it be faster than my current ddr333 speed and timings?

and the main question: how do i increase the fsb of the cpu without increasing

the ram speed


Thank You for your help - in advance


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I doubt that the memory will go at cl1.5 but you can try that.

I have almost identical system to yours and i have found that the memory performs best in sync with the cpu (133fsb and 133mem), but your results may vary. So the buttom line is pretty simple - test it. ;)

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